Have you ever wanted to travel down river in a sketchy little raft, just to stop at a church and get eaten by wolves? If you answered yes to this, I’ve got the game for you! Flame in the Flood, by The Molasses Flood, is a delightfully frustrating survival game that takes you through a whimsical world of rain and things that want to kill you.

You start out in a campground with signs that basically tell you “food is good, water is good, wolves are bad.” A dog companion is with you, and you aren’t sure where he came from, but he carries stuff for you (Dogmeat Jr). The general idea is get you and your dog friend, Aesop, from point A to point B without dying a lot. Along the way you craft items that aid your journey. The survival crafting basics are there; food, water, clothing, tools, etc.

There isn’t any story introduced when you begin the game, so it is assumed that you piece it together as you go. As you travel down river in your delightfully sketchy raft, you try to be within range of docking at different ports. These ports range from liquor store islands, to churches and campsites. Each place has an abundance of something. Liquor islands have alcohol, churches offer you a place to sleep, campsites have a fire going, etc.

Flame in the Flood wolf

Friend or Foe?

Trust. No. Animal. While the people you encounter are friendly (that I experienced), animals such as wolves and boars are not. Snakes are easily avoidable but if you’re bitten, you better hope you have some dandelions on you and saplings to make tinder so you can start a fire and clean water. Basically the game hates you and you need a million items to fix one problem. A lack of one simple item can completely screw you over.

My biggest enemy was rafting. Until you craft new modifications for your boat, you are basically riding an uncontrollable piece of wood. I constantly ran into things and drowned a couple times early on due to not finding supplies needed to fix my raft, let alone upgrade. The obstacles are plenty and the raft control mechanics are difficult.

The elements are a nightmare. The temperature gauge was weird to read, so I was never quite sure what clothing I should be crafting. Every time it rains, expect your vitals to go haywire. Hypothermia is a very real thing that will kill you in seconds. Just bundle up as fast as you can and hope for the best, because finding supplies to craft things and have a fire on hand is difficult. Luckily supplies can be stored on yourself, your dog, and your raft. Upgrade those quickly so you can reach your true hoarder potential.

Flame in the Flood camp

 Little Details

The art in Flame in the Flood was great. I loved every little detail. The dog looks like a beast of burden, your character image relays how your character is feeling pretty accurately, and the wolves look artfully scary. Your dog points out little items that you may have missed, like dandelions or wild garlic.

I noticed some discrepancies in the audio, however. As I walked directly next to some machinery, it started making machine noises… VERY LOUD MACHINE NOISES. It went away after a few steps along the same machine. I never heard that noise again. Sometimes your travel along the river doesn’t queue the neat acoustic music, sometimes it does. I wish there had been consistency so my audio journey wasn’t disrupted.

Flame in the Flood gameplay


For only $14.99? Definitely. I think this game was accurately priced. It felt as if each new area that you discover was a slightly more barren version of the previous area, but it still was enough to keep me engaged. Rafting is a pain, especially when it throws your raft to the right repeatedly for no reason, but after a few upgrades is very manageable.

Though there were small issues throughout the game, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I played it enough to even rage quit a few times. Flame in the Flood offered engaging gameplay with a very whimsical art style that most people will enjoy. Pick it up for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows, or Mac, and enjoy!

Review: Flame in the Flood
The Good
  • Whimsical art style
  • Fitting soundtrack
  • Simple but engaging gameplay
The Bad
  • Bugs that cause rage quitting
  • Repetitive
8Overall Score
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