The Sniper Elite series has been around for roughly twelve years now and doesn’t show any signs of stopping soon. The series just had it’s fourth entry release on February 14th, and Rebellion was kind enough to send over a copy for us to review. So now the question surfaces, is it worth the time and effort to don the WWII era uniform and try to take Hitler down again? Allow me to give you some insight below.

Sniper Elite 4 really is a fantastically put together game that I truly believe is one of the best I will play this year. The stealth controls are top notch, I knew one hundred percent of the time it was one hundred percent my fault that I got caught and that the bowels of the Nazi Juggernaut raining down on me was just. Take as an example the first time I went after a Nazi leader. I took a shot and missed by inches, instead of silencing my shot with the special silenced bullets I just attempted another shot. This one landed right in his eye socket, before I could celebrate I noticed I had around seven red dots converging on my position. Instead of trying to escape I ran out to greet them with my Thompson Machine Gun. As I soon realized that was a grandiose mistake as I was swiftly taken out and had to reload my checkpoint. It was entirely my fault for trying to be an action hero in a stealth game.


Just to clarify, there are built in mechanics to help you escape if you mess up and raise suspicion of nearby enemies. The player must break eye contact with any nearby enemies and from there either move as quickly as they can away from the search area or lay down in the nearby brush that can completely hide the player. That is not a perfect strategy as the attackers will look for you and if they happen to bump in to you while searching they will open fire. It beats the alternative of trying to engage in a firefight you will definitely lose nine times out of ten.

The game mechanics are outstanding. Players can adjust these mechanics to fit their skill level. For instance on easy there is no real need to account for bullet drop. I chose to play the game on normal mode so I had to account for a bit of bullet drop at different distances. The distance is accounted for by zooming in on the scope and using the left and right directional pad buttons to scroll between zero and five hundred meters. From there hitting a distant target is as easy as hitting the RB button and making Karl empty his lungs to make the shot more accurate. Once the shot hits though be prepared for a bloody good treat! The trade mark gore filled kill cams are back and better than ever! It could just be the first time I noticed it but the attention to detail in shots to the ocular cavity are absolutely stunning. Seeing the bullet literally pop the eye in it’s socket and send blood and fragments of skull flying every where like some sort of demonic confetti is a nice reward for hitting the harder long distance shots.


There honestly was not a lot of bad to note about this game, Rebellion knocked it out of the park. Every once in a great while a technical glitch would happen. A blood splatter would flicker on a wall, soldiers would briefly be caught spinning in circles as they try to work out what direction they wanted to go in. The crouch sprinting while reminiscent of Gears of War feels a tad out of place in Sniper Elite 4. It locks the camera in place until the player stops moving which at times can prove problematic when trying to run away and keep tabs on who is trying to turn you in to human Swiss cheese.

Why are you like this?

Why are you like this?

Retracting back to a more positive note, the level designs were highly well put together. Sniper Elite 4 doesn’t force players along a set path. Once the level starts you are free to do objectives as you see fit. There is of course the main objectives for each map, take for example the first area the overall objective is to take out the four Nazi higher ups that are placed throughout the playable area. Several smaller objectives pop up such as taking out three cameras set up around the island. Which just a heads up need to be taken out by explosives, not by simply shooting them with a pistol. Also definitely do not be standing right next to the camera when you accidentally shoot the explosive. Not that that happened or anything. Moving on, there are also collectibles hidden throughout the map ranging from soldier’s letters back home to eagle statues hidden around on various buildings. It’s not necessary to get them all but a small sense of joy came from finding each new one. Especially the letters, they add a depth of realism to the game. Also just worth a mention the amount of verticality to levels was a nice touch it added a new level of tactility being able to shimmy up ledges to tucked away areas to take out enemies or retreat if necessary. Better yet it carries over in to multiplayer, speaking of which.


The multiplayer is solid. Factually speaking the only problem that occurred was other players. There were many times where half the lobby left and the game just ended. No one got experience, we were all just kicked from the lobby to the home screen. Which after spending fourteen minutes laying in the grass looking for the slightest hint of movement from a player is down right infuriating! On the positive side of multiplayer, the game play was moderately enjoyable. It felt like there was enough effort put in to the multiplayer that it can’t be dubbed as ‘tacked on’. I caught myself more than once stopping to take in the scenery. The team over at Rebellion really went the extra mile in terms of attention to detail to their multiplayer maps. I found a small group of houses at one corner near the back of a map that caused me to stop and just enjoy my surroundings. I immediately regretted it though as I was shot in the head from across the map without mercy. A nice touch is the fact that X-Ray cams still show in multiplayer, I hope it shows for the enemy too. I like to think he has to watch as my bullet explodes his lungs, or jaw line, or eyes… hopefully a testicle.

Sniper Elite 4_20170210001144

The customization mechanics are nice. They don’t have the obnoxious colors that plague a lot of other shooters on the market. So far the most intricate skin for a rifle that I have seen is a guile camouflage and that is a totally acceptable skin for a sniper rifle. A few interesting wooden skins and golden scope combinations appear in the options as well. The only aspect I found a little bit antagonistic was that DLC had already been added to the game for extra skins and several new missions where there were few dozen different ways to kill Hitler. While the later doesn’t effect multiplayer at all the former does in a minute way, mainly guile skins are locked via the DLC so you can not earn them. They must be bought via a five dollar skin pack.


To close things out, Sniper Elite 4 is a wonderfully constructed and visually gorgeous game. That statement stands whether you are a die hard fan of the game or just checking out the series for the first time. The controls are really tight, the game play manages to feel fresh and familiar all at the same time. Rebellion definitely knocked it out of the park with this game, and I would like to personally thank them for sending me the game early. Sniper Elite 4 is an absolute blast to play.


Sniper Elite 4 Review: Be The Bush
X-Ray Cams
  • Engaging and Addictive Gameplay
  • Visually Stunning
  • The freedom given to players let's them complete the level how they want as opposed to constraining them along a set path
Unsilenced Shots
  • Restricted camera when crouch running
  • Day One DLC
  • Multiplayer can be a bit of a nuisance
9Overall Score
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