The future of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns‘ DLC was uncertain. Xseed was faced with the challenge to either release the originally free DLC as paid content, or to not localize the DLC at all. Thanks to overwhelmingly encouraging fan feedback, Xseed Games announced that they would localize Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns‘ DLC.

Xseed Games was challenged by how to approach the game’s DLC content. You can read up on their difficulties here. The DLC, previously released for free in Japan, has over 200,000 lines of Japanese text that would result in huge costs to localize. For comparison, that’s as big as some entire games, like the original Corpse Party.

According to the blog, it would “cost upwards of six figures to localize it (over half of which is programming and QA costs)” As a smaller company, Xseed would have trouble releasing it for free and had to decide between releasing it as paid DLC or not localizing it at all. Thankfully, they decided to localize it after all. While it’s not free DLC like in the Japanese version, fans will be grateful to get this additional content.

The post-launch DLC adds a huge number of new features and event content into the game. It even offers a new Bachelor and Bachelorette to romance. You’d also get a new “performer” story, pet, additional in-game events, and more.

Story of Season: Trio of Towns will release tomorrow on 3DS.

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