Kim “Wisdom” Tae-wan has parted ways with Origen just two months after he was signed to the organization, Origen announced this morning. He will be replaced by rookie jungler Jakub “Cinkrof” Rokicki. Lauri “Cyanide” Happonen and Ireneusz “Illuzjonist” Opaliński have also been confirmed as jungle and support substitutes, respectively.

According to Origen’s announcement via their Facebook page, Wisdom’s reason for leaving the team is due to a desire to return to his home country, South Korea. Wisdom moved to Europe to play for Giants Gaming a little more than a year ago, only to part ways with the team two months later. After a brief stint with Misfits Wisdom joined Origen, but it has been made clear that he is less than satisfied with life in Europe.

Cinkrof has little competitive experience under his belt, having only been on the board since February of last year. His first team was Szef+6, which he left in July after the team failed to qualify for the Challenger Series. His time spent on The Penguins Mafia showed similar results, coming in top four at a number of small tournaments but never making a name for themselves as a team, and Cinkrof left to join ThunderX3 Baskonia for only a couple of months before Origen added him to the lineup.

Origen’s Thursday match against Team Vitality will be the first of Week 8, and they will be wrapping up the competitive week with Splyce on Saturday. They currently hold last place with nine losses and no wins to speak of, which places them in the running for the relegation match at the end of the season. If they fail to perform, Origen will be relegated out of the EU LCS and into the EU CS.

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