In this week’s Dengeki Playstation, Final Fantasy VII Remake Director Tetsuya Nomura shed some light on the game’s combat system. Instead of being fully turn-based like the original PS1 title, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be action-based.

Nomura clarified details behind two screenshots previously shown at MAGIC 2017, stating that he felt the on-site interview didn’t clarify the details well enough. In one screenshot, you can see Cloud taking cover from fire. In the other, you can see the Guard Scorpion boss battle from the beginning of the game. You’ll see both below.

Here, Nomura wanted to showcase how you’ll be able to make use of your environment in battle. Cloud will be able to take cover in battle.

It’s not a necessity to take cover, and covering and similar elements won’t always be present in battle. This is one seamless action element that Nomura wanted to convey through the early screenshots.

Next, here’s the Final Fantasy VII‘s first boss, the Guard Scorpion. The fight has definitely become much flashier since it was previously done on the turn-based PS1 title. The map will feature destructible parts. Plus, there’s attacks that weren’t featured in the original. If you look closely, you can see missiles being launched.

Going towards action gameplay will no doubt polarize fans of the original game. However, we can still see a Command HUD and an ATB gauge, so there are some elements that the remake will retain. It’s going to be quite different from other action-RPGs like Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, from what we can guess.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is still in development as a PS4 title. Since Nomura’s last interview, voice work for the main story has almost been completed. For more Final Fantasy news, check out our round-up of some of the biggest series news to come.


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