Next week, Fire Emblem Heroes introduces its first “Voting Gauntlet” event. The Voting Gauntlet is a large scale event that gets its players to choose sides and determine who’s the superior faction. Think Splatoon‘s Splatfest events, but a little more complicated.

The first event is themed “Princes vs. Princesses.” Eight princesses and princesses will be duking it out in a popularity contest for dominance: Alfonse, Sharena, Ephraim, Eirika, Chrom, Lucina, Leo, and Elise. Pick your favorite and represent them in battle to be on top.

Players start the event by choosing a team. They’ll take part in 3 v. 3 battles against opposing teams in order to contribute “votes,” or points, to the their team. Note: you cannot swap teams until your team loses. In addition, you won’t know how many points each team has until you join, so you can’t just try to side with the clearly winning team.

To support your team, you’ll need to battle against the rival army. Presumably using the game’s mysterious “???” button, you’ll enter a screen that’ll take you into a special 3 v. 3 battle mode. Your team is automatically created from your leader (the ally in the leftmost slot of the first team), a friend’s unit, and someone else from the same army.

Winning battles casts your vote. The more friends you have, the more votes you contribute. In addition, you get a voting boost if your leader is the same character as the Hero who’s army you joined.

The game also allows you to use a new item called “Battle Flags” to increase the multiplier on your votes. Battle Flags are a new log-in bonus and can also come from Special Voting Gauntlet quests. Please note that you can’t hoard them for future Voting Gauntlet events– you can only use them during the event that you’re given them.

The event has three rounds of eliminations. If your faction wins a round, you’ll get rewards. If miss a round or your team loses earlier on, don’t despair. You will be able to select a new army for the next round.

There’s three different categories of rewards you can earn.

  • Army Victory Rewards
  • Rank in Army Rewards
  • Total Rank Rewards

Players who battle a lot will be able to earn lots of rewards. Players who have successfully predicted and supported the team to win it all also get tons of rewards. Currently, it hasn’t been specified what the rewards entail. Could it be more Orbs, Feathers, Duel Crests, and Blessings of Light?

Nintendo also plans to roll out a grand reward. During the first Voting Gauntlet, Nintendo will take the cumulative overall voting score achieved by all Fire Emblem Heroes players who took part. Here’s what you can earn by contributing to this global total.
1 Billion – 3 Orbs, 1 of each Great Badge
3 Billion – 5 Orbs, 3 of each Great Badge
5 Billion – 10 Orbs, 5 or each Great Badge.

The Princes vs. Princess Voting Gauntlet starts from March 7 through March 12. Each round will run for 45 hours before moving on to the next round.

Round 1 – 3/7/17 at 12:00am to 3/8/17 at 8:59pm
Round 2 – 3/9/17 at 12:00am to 3/10/17 at 8:59pm
Final Round – 3/11/17 at 12:00am to 3/12/17 at 9:59pm

Pick the hero who you think will win it all or bring victory to your favorite characters. Have fun, and get ready to show who’s truly the best prince or princess. Personally, I’m ready to bring my boy Ephraim on top and take Lucina to the dumpster.

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