Mafia III is getting a free trial for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, for those who have yet to try 2k’s latest foray into the Mafia franchise.

The free demo is 24 GB on PC, 27GB on PS4, and 25GB on Xbox One, developer Hangar 13 announced in a blog post. The demo takes players through the first act of Mafia III, which is based around a bank heist gone wrong and sets up the story for the remainder of the game.

Perhaps you’ve been slumming around the sleazy streets of 1960’s New Bordeaux for a while, or maybe the free demo will entice you into making this a Louisiana Purchase (see what we did there?)? Well then now is the perfect time to pick up Mafia III.

Not only is the game half off right now (through April 17) but the latest DLC, Faster, Baby!, adds a boatload of new vehicles, weapons, and abilities. On top of the addition of more cars, players can now lay proximity mines and throw grenades while driving. Here’s the launch trailer:

Faster, Baby! is included with Mafia III’s DLC Pass and the $80 Deluxe Edition. It can be purchased by itself for $15.

The next two expansions, Stone Unturned and Sign of the Tines, are both included with the DLC Pass as well.

Mafia III launched back in October of 2016 and you can read our full review or check out other Mafia III news here.



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