When you like the way a shoe fits, you buy it in every color. When you’re really digging the way a competitive scene is evolving, Luminosity apparently signs multiple teams.

Luminosity Gaming recently announced that they have acquired a second Overwatch squad, dubbed LG Evil. The team is composed of the roster formerly known as Hammer Esports, listed below:

Name Role
Jake “JAKE” Lyon DPS
Rasheeq “train” Rahman DPS
Matthew “Voll” Wallace DPS | Flex
Matthew “super” DeLisi Tank
Robert “rob420” Garcia Support
Connor “Avast” Prince Support




“I’m really humbled and excited to be working alongside an organization with as much reach and commitment as Luminosity Gaming,” said Jake in a statement posted to the Luminosity flagship, “The opportunity to build a dynasty together does not come along so often”

The Hammers roster has seen a rather successful start to 2017. They most recently placed second in the February Alienware Monthly Melee, placing third at Enter the Arena: Overwatch just days prior. While they have yet to compete at the same top-tier level as their LG Loyal sister team, Luminosity Gaming CEO Steve Maida made it clear that Luminosity will be able to mold them into a world-class team.

“What most impresses me about the team is their unwavering loyalty and belief in one another,” wrote Maida, “I think this specifically can be accredited to their success.”

In addition to the Hammers Esports lineup, Luminosity Gaming has hired Matthew “Percision” Cannon as team coach and analyst, and Reuben “Oddwash” Batres as a dedicated analyst.

While it’s an ambitious move, committing to a second team in the same scene, it’s one that does not come without its own share of risks. Blizzard has kept their lips sealed about the Overwatch League, an upcoming league that was teased at BlizzCon. We know that it will follow an unprecedented city-based structure that will generate revenue locally, that it will kick off in Q3 with a “short league” before a more structurally-sound proper league in 2018, and slots will be sold in a “road show” bidding format, but no further details have been revealed. It could very well be possible that Blizzard will declare organizations may only field one team in their league, similarly to how Riot Games handles League of Legends sister teams, and, should they decree the Overwatch League to be the only officially licensed league, it would force Luminosity to either cut a roster or merge the two together.

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