One of Dotas most influential players, Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung, has joined Mineski as their team captain as they look forward to making significant changes to the division, the organization announced via Facebook.

In their announcement, Mineski revealed that they have plans to put the team through a “reformation” as they strive to up their game for the international stage. This will be done with Mushi’s help, who will be working alongside Mineski Malaysia CSO Yap “Kenchi” Chee Loong. In the announcement, Kenchi explained that rebuilding their Dota 2 team was one of his “top priorities for the year 2017” next to his cyber café business.

“Having dealt with eSports teams, I know that the biggest challenge is in finding the right player – not just for their skills but also for the right mentality,” Kenchi wrote, “… With Mushi’s experience and his versatility as a player, his addition to the Mineski DotA team will definitely bring positive impact and exciting benefits.”

2017 has been a rough year for the solo mid player, who has made a name for himself for being a highly skilled and constant presence in Dota 2 throughout his career. Mushi joined Fnatic in 2015 for nearly two years before the team failed to qualify for The Boston Major, when he then decided to take his leave. He soon joined Mineski-X as a substitute, the organization’s Malaysian-based sister team, but they were unable to qualify for the upcoming Kiev Major, adding to the disappointments this year has brought him. Yet, despite their failure and his broken streak of attending every Valve event since 2012, Mushi claims that the organization’s plans for their new Dota 2 team will put them back on the board.

“He [Kenchi] is one of the most respectable person in the eSports industry and is not just a friend of mine, but a mentor and brother to me,” said Mushi in a statement, “We both share the same vision for eSports and with his sincerity, he managed to convince me to play under the wings of Mineski DotA. Hence, we decided to work together to reform and put together a world class team.”

More information regarding Mineski’s new lineup will be released at a later date.

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