“Climbing is as easy as yoga. The major difference being that yoga leaves you where you started, even if done properly.” Throughout Human Fall Flat, quotes such as these are scattered around, helping to make an already wacky game even crazier. This game becomes more and more outrageous as you progress while maintaining a unique and challenging adventure.

In an interview with Johnny Merrit, the product of Human Fall Flat and Tomas Sakalauskas, the single developer of the game, I learned about the physics engine that would make Newton cry, about Bob the floppy main character, and details about the craziness that ensues.

Make Bob Yours

The seemingly plain character, Bob, who’s slightly drunken walk is actually more like a waddle, has a surprising amount of customization. You can make Bob yours by adding color to hats as well as any designs you’d like, additionally, you can change his shirt, legs and body different colors and make Bob’s face look however your want. This character customization is currently available on the PC version of the game and will carry over to the console version coming soon. Additionally, Merrit said there will be pre-built items available that can be applied.

Lighthearted Challenge

There are several levels available to challenge Bob’s clay mind. As you progress, later levels are a lot more challenging and introduce new things into the knowledge bank required for completion. New to the console edition, though, are levels to complete and achievements to earn. Some of these are a bit quirky Merrit said, such as “Beat this part in 60 seconds.” There will be several different ways through a level, with the first being bit of a tutorial. Once you get past the first one, though, levels are large, each with unique ways to “interact with different objects”. For example, the player can just push something off the edge of the map to get it out of the way. Another example was there a situation where the player had to grab the wall and walk, whole hanging on. While the player didn’t move, there was a train car on tracks below. “Walking” and holding the wall moved the train car, eventually creating a path to progress.

In keeping with the lighthearted feel, if you fail too much, an instructional video will become available. This is the game’s passive-aggressive way of saying “Hey dummy, you need to do this to continue”. If you don’t remember the previous level and what you learned, you can make it more difficult for yourself as Merrit described a few times of himself doing. So don’t be dumb, learn from the past! Or a video will fall in front of you t0 re-educate.

Minimalistic but Not Without Its Charm

Human Fall Flat is all about comedy, with some fun puzzles thrown in for good measure. In an early level, there is a peeing fountain for which to sit and enjoy a nice sandwich near. After you’re done with the wrapper, there is a nice, comfy dumpster that does nothing for the level, except allowing the player to open and climb inside for shenanigans. All the running and puzzle solving too much? Press a button and can just lie down and “sulk on the floor,” as Merrit put it. Hey, Bob can get tired with all that thinking! Let the poor clay man rest!

Co-op mode will also available, but local multiplayer only as of now. When asked, Merrit remarked, “we’d love to do online multiplayer, it’s something we’ll think about because it’d be great having it.” The whole game is fully playable as single player and as co-op, allowing the player to do tackle the challenge however they want. Should you get a chance to play with someone on the couch with you, keep in mind that you CAN grab the co-op player, and toss them off the edge of the map. Keep in mind this isn’t permanent, as they do re-spawn. But it’s still great fun!

Get Your Arms Up

Gameplay is estimated by Merrit to be 4-5 hours playing at normal pace, but will have a lot of replay value in finding secrets and shortcuts in order to finish speed runs even faster. For example, while difficult, its possible to climb a wall and bypass puzzles. Thomas, the developer, is very reactive to the community and responds to ideas and issues. This means the game will be updated as needed and when there’s something that can be improved, or if the online multiplayer becomes available. You can pick it up on Steam right now for $14.99.

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