Logitech G made huge contributions last year with the release of hardware ranging from keyboards, mice, and audio. They look to continue improving their lineup by introducing the new Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard. Now while other keyboards in the past have had a sense for professional and casual gaming, Logitech is making it known this is their go to model. The Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features their signature Romer G key switches, which made their debut on the G910. This is a Tenkeyless keyboard so its right on par with their G410 and G810 when it comes to size.

Logitech reps at the show made it well known the G Pro will fit in almost all standard backpacks making it the ideal keyboard to travel with for competition. This is also the first keyboard of theirs to use the three-ponged cable design for a removable Micro-USB connector. Gamers can now pack up their keyboard and not worry about the cable shortening out over time and also keeps it very secure with tugs and pulls when playing. You can also expect this keyboard to feature customizable RGB lighting with some new features added.

The keyboard is very well built and a bit heftier than their previous G810 so traveling with it will be interesting for our review. The Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is on sale now for an MSRP of $129.99. Stay tuned for my full review coming in the near future!

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