Video games are the missing piece in the puzzle of art. When you look at a video game as a whole piece, it is a collaboration of many artists. Someone was brilliant enough to write out a thoughtful storyline that appeals to a wide audience, and captures your attention long enough to act it out. Another genius is added to the mix for the music composition, one whom deliberately wrote each song to make you feel a certain way at a specific part of the game. While another drew faces for names and personalities, putting in iconic details that truly make the character memorable.

And then you have those video games. The game glares at you from its place on Steam, like a fail compilation video. Do you cringe? Yes. Do you laugh? Oh yeah! Can you look away? Definitely not. We’ve got a good list for you gaming masochists.

President Erect

Quite a few people are upset with the current political climate, and I’m sure a few wish they could take out their frustrations on someone in particular. Now you can, with dildos.

Welcome to President Erect, developed by Ape Man Robot. This a free virtual reality game that involves slapping a bust of Donald Trump with various dildos named after other political figures. You can check out our Indie Spotlight also if you want to know more. However, If you actually happen to be a fan of President Trump, I recommend Mr.President!

If you want another good laugh, take a look at the review sections. It is a comedy gold mine.

Half of the Simulation Category

Simulator games suck you in for hours on end, allowing you to achieve your wildest dreams that you never thought were obtainable… Like being some curtains. Curtain Simulator is a magical journey of waving your mouse around to emulate curtains blowing in the wind. Maybe you get off work, and realize that you want a second job courtesy of Job Simulator that actually costs $30. I don’t know about you, but when I’m off work, the last thing I want to do is work more!

Who’s Your Daddy? is also a great pick (and totally worth the $5). This game has multiplayer capabilities, and although ridiculously glitchy, you are guaranteed a good time. One person plays as the father who is attempting to baby proof his house as fast as he can. Covers for electric sockets, putting the bleach out of reach, locking the door to the pool, etc. The other person plays as the baby, who is hell bent on cutting his short life even shorter. There are many ways for the baby to kill itself, and it is pretty fun to figure out new ways while your friend screams at you not to do things.

Every Single Dating Simulator

Dating simulators are a great way to spend a few hours laughing, or perhaps falling in love? Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator is where you find the tank of your dreams. Each tank has an alternative human character, but its true form is some kind of tank. Whatever tank you are trying to woo will attempt to talk badly about other tanks, flirt, and attempt to steal your heart.

You also can’t go wrong with the classic Hatoful Boyfriend, a pigeon dating simulator. As the owner of the Collectors Edition, I can confirm, the game is absolutely ridiculous. Each pigeon has its own specific personality, beautiful pigeon form, and quirks.

If you watched How to Train Your Dragon and got butterflies, Angels with Scaly Wings will float your boat for sure.Your character is chosen to represent humans in an alternative dragon world… Perhaps you’ll find love there?

Gang Beasts

Simply put, you and your friends are WWE gummy bears. The physics are nuts, the controls are wonky, and you’ll yell at your friends for a good hour. Gang Beasts is a great game to pick up if you want to have some good laughs at a party!

Genital Jousting

It is exactly what it sounds like. Someone actually thought “What about a party game… With fighting penises?!” Ridiculous, I know. You play as a penis and ram into your friends (who are also penises). There are different game modes, bodily functions galore, with a cute art style to boot.

I am Bread

You are bread, and your mission is to get toasted. Navigate around the house using objects, furniture, and skill to find different ways to toast yourself. For example, the iron that was conveniently left out makes a great toaster!

League of Legends

Don’t play this game. I have played for 1,781 hours, and it is the most ridiculous game available currently. Hello darkness my old friend… In all seriousness, their URF game mode was going on all weekend, which is a load of ridiculousness. Hopefully Doom Bots will be back soon as well!

Though each of these games are ridiculous in their own way, they are also little rays of sunshine within the gaming community. I have spent my hard earned money on a few of these games and I regret nothing. Download the ridiculousness, get some friends together, and spend hours laughing away! You won’t regret a thing.

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Lexie P.
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Lexie's love for video games started early when she was rarely seen without her GameBoy, and traded Oreos with the neighbor kid to play his N64. Throughout the years Lexie has developed into a PC gamer, specializing in horror and MOBAs. She has been a game writer for a few years now and has previously worked at PAX West.