The Sonic the Hedgehog SXSW panel was full of big announcements for what’s next in the series. The biggest, however, was details on the Sonic 2017 project.

Sonic 2017 has an official name: Sonic Forces. You can check out the original trailer here, which shows modern and classic Sonic taking on Eggman’s robots in a destroyed city. Sonic Forces will be directed by Takashi Iizuka, who said that it will be an “evolution of Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations.”

The panel dropped the first big gameplay reveal. Here, we get a chance to see modern Sonic doing what he does best: going fast in 3D platforming environments. It also shows off the game’s engine at work, Sega’s new “Hedgehog Engine 2.” As an improved version of the previous engines used, Hedgehog Engine 2 will have global illumination, physical rendering, and other new enhancements.

We also got to learn more about the game’s team. Tomoya Ohtani, composer of Sonic Colors and Sonic Lost World, will be the main composer of Sonic Forces. Nintendo Everything has uploaded a rip of the instrumental version of the game’s main theme. The game’s producer will be Shun Nakamura, who has been a game designer for the series since Sonic R.

Unfortunately, the panel delivered some bad news as well. Sonic Mania, a highly anticipated revival of Sonic’s Genesis-era side-scrolling days, has been delayed.

Sonic Mania was intended for a Spring 2017 release. It’s instead been pushed back towards a Summer 2017 release date, without a definitive release date yet to be set. Sega stated that the extra time from the delay would go towards further improving the game’s quality. Beyond that, there weren’t many more details.

Sonic Forces will arrive Holiday Season 2017 for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC. Sonic Mania will arrive some time around Summer 2017 for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC.

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