Here comes a new challenger! Street Fighter V‘s next Season 2 DLC character, Kolin, is here. She’s now live in the game, and there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing Kolin pop up in online matches right now.

Kolin fights using Russian martial arts and attacks with icy properties. You’ve previously seen her as Street Fighter III villain Gill’s secretary, and throughout the story of Street Fighter V. For more information about her, you can read our write-up about her reveal.

Kolin is the second of six planned fighters to be introduced during Season 2. For those of you with a Season Pass, you’ll be able to pick her up today.

You can also buy her with the game’s Fight Money currency or as paid DLC apart from the Season Pass. She can be purchased for $5.99 USD and it costs $3.99 for her costumes. For those of you planning to use Fight Money, she costs 100,000 Fight Money and it costs 40,000 Fight Money to unlock her costumes.

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