We’re about a year removed from the release of No Man’s Sky and, despite the long-lasting outrage from fans and purchasers over the game’s lack of promised features at launch, Hello Games has released two updates over that time that have added plenty of new features for players to try out.

One such update, the Foundation update, added a survival mode, base building mechanics to the main campaign, and a creative mode a la Minecraft where players have limitless funds and materials to craft the base of their dreams.

The latest update for No Man’s Sky, the Pathfinder update, adds the ability to explore the surface of planets much more efficiently with vehicles, along with an HD texture pack. The HD texture pack is a handy little update that goes along perfectly with another new feature: Photo Mode.

Photo Mode isn’t anything new, as many games, such as the recently released Horizon: Zero Dawn, have added a photo mode to take advantage of this generation of consoles’ ability to capture and share gameplay videos and screenshots.

What’s unique about Photo Mode in No Man’s Sky, in comparison to a game like Horizon, is that worlds are generated randomly and most players will never come across a planet someone else has. Being able to share shots of a planet that you’ve discovered, that is uniquely yours and wholly bizarre, is an enticing feature.

Below we’ve included a gallery of screens taken by actual players using No Man’s Sky’s new Photo Mode, courtesy of Hello Game’s official Facebook page:


Courtesy @Bambam757Gaming – Twitter


Courtesy @Bambam757Gaming – Twitter


Courtesy @Czare11 – Twitter


Courtesy @DrBo42 – Twitter


Courtesy BusyElephant – Reddit


Courtesy DylanW99 – Reddit


Courtesy InSurNe – Reddit


Courtesy ivXtreme – Reddit


Courtesy LupineLunatic – Reddit


Courtesy RocketPixel – Reddit


Courtesy somekindofkevin – Reddit

If you’ve got any No Man’s Sky screens to share using the new Photo Mode, please feel free to share them in the comments below or on our Facebook page with #NMSPhotoMode!

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