Depression is something I have struggled with on and off for most of my life. I felt, due to many recent unfortunate events in my life I would take the time to talk about my favorite coping mechanism, video games. It’s definitely one of the healthiest coping mechanisms known to man, and who knows maybe someone out there who is having some struggles of their own will see this and find some solace of their own.

Overwatch (Xbox One, PlayStation4, PC)-

Despite the fact that this game directly correlates with someone who used to be in my life that has brought on some of my personal despair as of late, this game still stands as one of my favorites of recent years. The game recently got a new update that is actually incredibly fun. It takes place back during Tracer’s first mission with the Overwatch team. The Overwatch team, consisting of Mercy, Torbjorn, Tracer, and Rienhardt are tasked with getting rid of the Omnic threat that has taken over King’s Row. Allowing even more fun is the other mode that lets you play Tracer’s first mission with any one of the Overwatch character’s the overall mission is still the same, but there is something almost comical about seeing Zenyatta killing off his fellow robots. Outside of that Overwatch offers some of the best team-based multiplayer I have seen in all my years of gaming. It features a diverse cast of characters, free DLC, addicting game play, and an array of maps that take players all over the world from Hollywood to Nepal. Right now you can grab the game for around forty bucks on Amazon for your platform of choice.

Dead Rising 2 (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PC)-

I know I have brought this game up before, but my own recent experiences have given me even more of an appreciation for it. I had one of the best periods of my life getting the opportunity to be a parent to a wonderful little girl. Even though I am not her biological dad, I know what Chuck Greene’s mindset felt like. The willingness to do whatever it takes to keep this being that depends on you safe and happy. But enough of my own mushy personal stories let’s talk about the game. Chuck Greene and his adorable little daughter are caught right in the middle of a zombie outbreak in a Nevada town very similar to Las Vegas. The whole ordeal gets pinned on Chuck and he spends a vast majority of the game attempting to prove he was framed. Along with that whole debacle every so often Katey, Chuck’s daughter, require a dose of Zombrex. A government mandated drug for those who have been bitten that keeps them from changing into a horrible monstrous husk of a former human. The map is a pretty decent size and several thousand zombies can be on screen at any given time. I had my own system for speed running the game, but if you want to try it out I recommend grabbing some orange juice, coffee creamer, a spiked bat and grabbing a copy of the game now for as low as fifteen bucks.

Far Cry 3 (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One Backwards Compatible, PC)-

Ahhhh a summer well spent on the islands of Far Cry 3 seeking achievements makes my heart warm. The summer before my mom ended up in the hospital I got my grubby mitts on one of my favorite games of the last console generation. The overall story revolves around protagonist Jason Brody as he tries to save his friends from the hostile locals as well as showing the player a sort of coming of age story for Jason. He goes from being a totally spoiled and quite stereotypical rich white dude, to being revered as a legendary warrior whose reputation exceeds himself all over the island. One of the most notable aspects I liked about this game was the fact that when it came to all the upgrades and achievements it felt like the developers kept the players time in mind. Allow me to elaborate, for most of the collectible related achievements in order for it to unlock you only need to get around sixty percent of whatever it is that you are collecting. However, for those that have the compulsion to collect everything, there are even more in-game rewards to nab exclusive to those that collect every last item. Dive into crocodile infested waters and fight those bastards head on for as low as fourteen dollars. I wouldn’t recommend fighting the crocodiles though, I still get anxiety just thinking about being pulled into the water by one of those scaly little asses.

YAY!!!! No one is dead yet!!!!

Call of Duty Black Ops II (PlayStation 3, Xbox One Backwards Compatible, Xbox 360)-

Look I will be honest I am notably not the biggest fan of this game, but that is not to say I don’t have some fond memories of it. Back before my mom ended up in the hospital with aneurysms she was looking for a new hobby so every once in a while we would play games together. While I never exposed my mom to the vulgar filth that is the chat that fills the multiplayer servers of ever single iteration of the series, we were very familiar with the zombies mode. It got to the point where we could get close to two hundred levels into the survival mode before we all would die. I taught them what the different perks did, showed them how to unlock everything showed them the better weapons and how to upgrade them. It was honestly some of my favorite memories during that period of my life. It definitely was therapeutic since we’re all dealing with varying levels of depression at one point or another during that time. Whether you’re among those looking to revisit the “fan favorite” as Microsoft so calls it, or just looking to bring a family closer together you can get the game now for right around twenty-five dollars.

Pick Of The Month: Rainbow Six: Siege (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)-

What’s the best thing to do after a breakup that caused you massive amounts of depression? Do something for you! Apply to a job you’ve always wanted, get a tattoo you have been thinking of for quite a while, or buy a kick ass video game. I generally do not enjoy multiplayer only games but as with Overwatch there are exceptions to every instance. I am still learning some of the finer aspects of defending and attacking on each map but the game none the less has brought me a ton of happiness (and a little rage) in my recent times of sadness. It rekindled an old friendship between myself and one of my old Call of Duty clan mates. I can fondly remember us both cackling with glee as I got the game winning kill the other night by firing under a gap in a doorway at an attackers feet. It’s not all fun and games as you can see in the clip below. It is insanely easy to screw up and cost your team the match. Teamwork and good old fashioned tactics are required in order to score that sweet victory. The best part is there is no respawning. Once you die that’s it you’re done for the rest of the three minutes your team has to either capture the objective or defend it. So for those fans of the search and destroy style of games this is right up your alley. Rainbow Six: Siege still has a hefty price tag despite how long it has been out but I assure you it is well worth the sixty dollar price point.

How Not To Defend A Hostage

Depression is something that should not be taken lightly, there is no simple solution to it, you can not simply ‘ think happy thoughts’ and magically be fine. For anyone out there experiencing it, please seek help, I wouldn’t wish this hell on anyone. Call a best friend, get a therapy session, do things that make you happy and do not feel sorry about it. You are an amazing person, you deserve to be happy. I implore you, go out and do something nice for a stranger or a friend. Hold the door open for an old man, compliment someone’s shirt, pay it forward and cover someone’s coffee at a shop whatever you can do. Don’t leave yourself out of that kindness either, get a new game or go see a concert, fuck it go be in a mosh pit at a concert. Just go have fun and experience life to the fullest.