“…You are held captive. A prisoner of fate to a future that has been sealed in advance.”

Persona 5 just got more hype through a new accolades trailer released just a few hours ago by its publisher and developer, Atlus via Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The new trailer is a montage of action-filled gameplay snippets, some animation cut scenes, rave reviews and scores that Atlus may have been quite proud to showcase. This accolades share to players what they might be missing out on as it allows a quick but enticing glimpse into the world of Persona 5. Showcasing the games’ excellent graphics, quirky characters, and exciting story line, this trailer does not disappoint as it exhibits what new players can look forward to.

Having shipped 1.5 million copies just a day after it was released, Persona 5 sits among the top 10 selling games in the UK charts. This Persona installment also happens to be the largest Persona title launch in the UK so far according to Ukie.

Debuted just last April 4 in North America and Europe, Persona 5 sells for  $49.99 on the PS3 and $59.99 on the PS4.

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