“Prepare to dine” with Bandai Namco‘s latest upcoming project, Code Vein. This title will be a dungeon-crawling action RPG that thrusts you into a world of vampires called “Revenants.”

You can check out the teaser trailer that was shown earlier this week. This stylish trailer will give you vibes of two familiar Bandai Namco properties, Dark Souls and God Eater. The “Prepare to dine” slogan used for the game particularly seems like a nod to the Souls series.

Code Vein is being developed by the team that brought you the God Eater series. Key staff include Yusuke Tomizawa as the project leader, Hiroshi Yoshimura as the director, and Keita Iizuka as the producer.

The game will have you play as Revenants, vampires with powerful supernatural abilities, who explore a mysterious world called “Vein.” You’ll team up with allies as you “seek out the truth of the world.”

Bandai Namco provided a brief description about the game’s lore. Revenants do not have much of their memories, despite being creatures who have transcended humanity. When a Revenant is deficient in blood, they transform into monsters called “Lost.” Together, the game’s Revenant characters work as a company also called “Vein” in order to survive.

The game’s main characteristic is the “Buddy” system, which lets you take one AI partner with you to a dungeon. You’ll fight using a variety of weapons. Revenants mainly use close-range weapons like great swords and single-handed swords. However, there’s also other weapon types that include spears and hammers.

A core mechanic of the game’s battle system is the ability to suck blood. Blood Veils are a special type of equipment that allow Revenants to suck blood from enemies. By successfully sucking blood from the Lost, you can perform a special ability called Blood Smelting. This lets you power up, debuff enemies, do direct attacks, and perform a variety of other actions.

Code Vein‘s development is 35% complete. They have yet to reveal what platforms the game will arrive on, but stated that it’s being developed for consoles. A new trailer for the game will arrive in the near future.

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