We’re still a month short of E3 2017, where Activision will provide a worldwide reveal of Call of Duty: WWII‘s full multi-player experience. However, Sledgehammer Games has given us a few interesting initial details that we’ll see in the latest Call of Duty multiplayer.

The most notable feature is one unlike anything previously seen in a< em>Call of Duty title; instead, it resemble Destiny more than anything. Call of Duty: WWII will introduce a social space called the “Headquarters.”

Headquarters will serve as a place to socialize and feature “recognition and awards.” While it’s not clear what “recognition and awards.” could refer to, the idea is that Headquarters will function as a social hub outside of multiplayer lobbies.

The multiplayer will also feature a new gameplay mode, War. War mode will have you reenact “iconic World War II battles” with objective-focused gameplay for an Ally team and an Axis team. For example, you might reenact the events at Normandy, with Allies having their own level objectives and Axis having completely different level objectives. War mode will be tied to your multiplayer character progression, and from the sounds of it, will shake up multiplayer beyond “Kill the enemy” type game modes.

Check out yesterday’s worldwide gameplay reveal here. Call of Duty: WWII releases on November 3, 2017, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.