Spring Time is here! Time for nice weather, picnics, longer days, bonfire nights, and, of course, another holiday season/break to play games in. That’s right it’s Easter (as well as other religious holidays that people celebrate) and that means a holiday full of candy, food, an extremely large rabbit, and finding all the hidden things that said rabbit hides in the tall grass…Wait! That reminds of video games also! A wonderful little thing called Easter Eggs. These are hidden gems usually found throughout a game that developers hide in form of homage or just right out in the open for all to see and laugh at. So, in the spirit of the holiday, we asked the wonderful GAW staff, “What game had some of your favorite Easter Eggs?”

John Donadio
Chief Operating Officer/Streamer/Master Bearded Egg Hunter

This one really is NO challenge for me. A few years ago one of the best indie, 2D, side-scrolling, Metroidvania type games came out by the name of Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition. The game was an amazing testament to ingenuity and storytelling, all with its silent protagonist. The game isn’t afraid to take a few jabs at nerdy pop culture, storied Nintendo games, and even some Drinkbox Studios’ previous games. Guacamalee called back to so many references there almost too many to name.

The Final Fantasy series most famous fight, that with Cactuar, gets his own statue. From Metroid, a Metroid statue and many destroyable Chozo statues are there for your enjoyment. Mosaics of Simon Belmont, Space Invaders, MegaMan, Donkey Kong, and Mario are hidden inside the game as well. These aren’t just all you will find. Posters of ‘Luchador matches’ of famous memes, such as Grumpy Cat, Insanity Wolf, PedoBear, and even Business Cat. Pop-culture icons of Bane vs. Batman, Wreck-it Ralph, Castle Crashers, and even the boxing glove-wearing, email-answering, smart ass Strong Bad from the old Homestar Runner internet cartoon get shout outs. This is why Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition completely gets my vote for Best Easter Eggs.

Allen Saunders
Editorials And Reviews Manager/ Streamer/ Drunk Guy in a Bunny Costume

The giant golden chicken that shoots flames from Gears of War 3 is still one of my absolute favorite Easter Eggs in a game. I fondly remember seeing it on the internet and thinking it was a giant load of bullshit that someone had made up. Then I decided to boot up my hardcore save file and try it out. I shot down the first tube and thought to myself, “This is dumb”. Fired down the second tube, “I’m so stupid for trying this, why would the developer even do this?” Then I got to the last tube and the chicken was pooped out of the vent just like in the video, however, he wasn’t giant or golden. He was just a regular chicken, confused I opened fire and the chicken immediately shaped shifted into the ungodly behemoth I had seen on the internet. I fired back with a barrage of obscenities and bullets but to my dismay, I was burnt alive.

I’m not really sure if it counts as an Easter Egg but I really love the small things Overwatch does to allude to the bigger events that happened in the past. There are the wanted posters for Junkrat and Roadhog, Hanzo even asks Junkrat at one point where he hid his treasure, but one of the coolest parts happens on Nepal. If you head to a certain almost tucked away room near the second map’s objective you see a small room that appears to belong to Genji, the cyborg ninja that fled to Nepal to seek out Zenyatta and find inner peace. Even though I loathe Genji it is still a very cool nod to his past.

Andy L.
Editorial and Review Writer/Chocolate Hoarder

This initially stumped me until I realized one of my favorite game series loves to throw little Easter Eggs and secrets. The Metal Gear Solid games are jam-packed with little secrets and nods to the larger world of the game as well as real-world references. Psycho Mantis reads your memory card and listing off a bunch of Konami games in MGS1. Otacon gets upset when you send a bunch of random, useless pictures when investigating the Tanker in MGS2. Killing a young Ocelot in MGS3 rewards you with a game over screen telling you you’ve created a time paradox. The level of joking that Hideo Kojima puts into the game is astounding, and I love how all these various systems interact and pay off in little ways in each game.

My all-time favorite joke throughout the series is Johnny Sasaki though. In the very first game, Meryl escapes her cell and knocks out the guard. Snake notices him unconscious and in his underwear…in Alaska. He gets sick and while Snake is imprisoned later in the game, Johnny’s horrible bouts of diarrhea give you the openings to escape. This is all in the main storyline. However, in MGS2, you eventually receive a directional microphone which lets you hear conversations from a distance. Sure, you could listen to the two main bad guys ramble on about government corruption and control, but why do that when you could move the mic to the left and listen to Johnny complain about having another bout of diarrhea and complaining about “that girl” is what really derailed his life. Johnny is never seen and you’d never know these dialog bits were in the game if you didn’t go looking for them.

Bobby C.
Director, Editorials and Reviews/Bunny Ear and Tail Eater

With so many games and so many great Easter Eggs, it’s hard to choose just one, much like Easter candy decisions. I was always a big fan of the little extras thrown in. High on my list is all the different gun options in Goldeneye 007. Some people may not consider these easter eggs, but they have to be found and unlocked, so I do. Of these, DK mode is most definitely my favorite. Running around levels and shooting the enemies with their massive heads is just too fun! So many other games have fun little callouts too though, so it makes my decision that much harder. I mean, how can you beat a gun in Red Faction where you’ve got a Unicorn that farts rainbows of destruction! Toots is the Unicorn’s name, and it was so much fun wandering around making the little guy fart and taking down towers and buildings with such ease.

However, the fondest and most exploited easter egg was the “Motherlode” code in The Sims. As a kid, I was very inept at running my Sims family, and never amassed much of a fortune. That meant I never got to build lavish 3 story houses and see my Sims live a life of luxury. Be it an actual easter egg or not, I’m not worried. To me, an easter egg is anything that is found by exploring difficult areas, or by doing special things not directly in the gameplay. So my 12-year-old self and his “Motherlode” of cash will always have a special memory in my heart. Finally, I could have huge houses, a massive pool, workout area, and all the fun things inaccessible without the extra bits.

There you have it folks. Some of our favorite Easter Eggs. What are yours? Tell us in the comments below! Have a wonderful Holiday!

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