The next entry in the Professor Layton puzzle game series, Lady Layton, will be coming to smartphones and 3DS soon. Following Japan’s Nintendo Direct this week, Level-5 made a number of announcements regarding its launch.

The original title, Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone’s Conspiracy, is being changed to Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy. According to Level-5, this was done to “convey a more grand image.” The Layton series will provide more entertainment than ever before, they suggest.

Layton’s Mystery Journey will launch for 3DS “in Japan first.” A western localization of the 3DS game is expected to release within this year. On the other hand, Level-5 is pushing for a global launch for the game across mobile.

On July 20, Layton’s Mystery Journey will launch for 3DS in Japan and for mobile worldwide. The game will support a number of different languages: Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Korean.

Level-5 provided the pricing for the game’s 3DS and mobile versions. The 3DS game will cost 4,800 yen- standard 3DS retail pricing. The mobile version will cost 1900 yen (around $17.50 USD) and feature in-app purchases. The announcement noted that you will not need to pay for micro-transaction items in order to reach the game’s ending.

Lady Layton will feature Professor Hershel Layton’s daughter, Katrielle, as the protagonist. The famed professor of the original trilogy has vanished and Katrielle has taken up his mantle. Check out the original launch trailer here. In addition, you can take a quick peak at the Japanese footage from this week’s Nintendo Direct below.

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