“You’ll never see it comiiing!”  I am so jazzed that Persona 5‘s official 110 song soundtrack of smooth listening is now available on iTunes.  Each song is available for $1.29 a piece. You can also purchase the entire soundtrack for $30; that’s just 27 cents for each song in the entire album. With the album, you can enjoy haunting pieces like “Hymn of the Soul” or the high energy “Life Will Change.”

Persona 5 has been a huge hit, with Atlus previously releasing an accolades trailer showing off its recent success.  It seems as in thanks Atlus has been releasing a ton of DLC that includes BGM, alternate seasonal costumes, and costume sets from other titles including Persona 2 and 3, Catherine, and Shin Megami Tensei.  The prices vary with some sets at $2.99 and others at $6.99, while others are free to purchase.  You can look up the prices and details on Atlus’ official Persona 5 website.

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