Get ready for this year’s E3, everyone. Project Scorpio will make its official debut at this year’s show.

We’ve already learned much about the console’s hardware. DigitalFoundry recently reported the system’s specs, and the console does live up to the hype. However, we still have much to learn about the console.

According to Phil Spencer’s recent blog post, this year’s E3 will tell us everything about Project Scorpio and mark the official unveiling of the console. We likely will get the chance to see the console’s final design, a finalized name for Project Scorpio, pricing, and the launch date.

“We designed Project Scorpio to be the best console to play the blockbuster multiplatform games from our publishing partners, made it easy for recently released titles to upgrade to true 4K and for beloved, backward compatible titles to play better than ever before,” Spencer wrote.

So, there you have it. Microsoft will not be unveiling Scorpio prior to the show. You’ll need to sit tight and wait until E3 comes around this year.

Thankfully, Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference will start a day earlier this year. The show will take place on Sunday, June 11 at 2 PM PDT/5 PM EDT.

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