With many different free-to-play MMOs out there today where players can travel in a fantasy world, a sci-fi setting, or even be their own superhero, it’s a tough gig to jump into. Games like Neverwinter, DCU Online, and Star Trek Online, really show fans they know how to keep them entertained. When Obsidian introduced Skyforge, their work was clearly cut out for them. They have been able to keep up in the saturated market and even bring their game to PlayStation 4 where I had the opportunity of playing.

The Story

MMOs have the pleasure that most of the gaming world doesn’t have, they don’t have to fixate so much on story. Having an overall encompassing story to send the player out on countless tasks is just fine. However, Skyforge does put a lot of thought and history behind its main story. The game is set on a planet called Aelion that features both persistent and instanced zones. Players start by finding out that they are a very rare breed of Aelions (that made me laugh harder than it should), known as the powerful Immortals. Working hard enough they can eventually ascend to become a god. On the surface that is the story – go out, fight, become stronger, and become a god. Mixed into this fantasy/sci-fi world are legends and myths that keep you driving forward.


With a whole bunch of modes, Skyforge will never lack gameplay wise. Once you are dropped into the world the stages are pretty linear. You would also have to start to team up with people to get past other parts because doing it alone becomes very difficult and can wear the player down.

One of the cool things in-game is you can change your class at any point. Don’t feel like playing the Cryomancer, switch to the Paladin for a while. Getting your butt handed to you as a Lightbringer, alone, you’re a fool, change to Berserker and rip your enemies to shreds.

There are open areas for players to explore but they can sometimes be confusing if you aren’t paying attention. They are part of side quests so they aren’t too import to get through but they are a great way to level up your characters. You’ll always find some sweet loot out there in the fields as well. There are some pretty powerful baddies out there so don’t travel too far out of your league. Skyforge also has Raids and PvE for fans of those type of MMO adventures.

Look at Me when I’m Talking to You!

A major issue I had with the game are the CGI talking and interaction bits. There aren’t many but they stood out because the audio never quite matched up with the expressions and mouth movements of the characters. While this might be fine for international movies and anime, it is very distracting to players and extremely noticeable. You’ll be watching and the character will seem normal and use facial expressions and you can see the detailed work going into it, however, the moment the speech patterns don’t lock on everything they said goes right out the window. I’m no longer listening; I become so distracted I start to giggle like an idiot and then I have no idea what I was supposed to be doing even though this gorgeous, angelic figure in front of me just gave me a bucketload of exposition.

The other thing that would take me out of gameplay, besides the talking heads I couldn’t follow, are the disembodied voices that try talking to me through the VERY LOUD FIGHTING ACTION ON SCREEN. Many video games have this voice but they usually talk to you before gameplay gets intense, not during. I would have rather the voice of the machine companion (that sounds like Microsoft Sam had been smoking for last 20 years) or the soft-voiced characters of the game to chat me up before my battles begin. It would be much easier to understand what they are trying to tell me about the enemy I face. Half of all the gameplay is that annoying machine yelling in my ear or a whisper of a voice from NPC that could be telling me a great recipe for Fettuccini Alfredo, I mean, he could be for all I know. I couldn’t hear a thing.

Class Has Begun

One thing I will say about the Skyforge, the classes are all very different and unique. On top of the extensive character creation which is pretty close to Dragon Age or Skyrim level, the class systems are all a blast to play with. While some classes may be a bit OP, the others are still fun to explore. Skyforge has thirteen classes for players to choose from. Unfortunately, only three are unlocked at the beginning, but you never have to pay for others (you can if you want), you unlock all the character right through gameplay. Let’s go through them now.

Role: Damage

Cryomancers utilize their advanced “cryogenerators” to compress and freeze the air around them, turning it into powerful beams of ice. Sub-Zero should be calling his lawyers, but I’m pretty sure the Cryomancer can beat him into silence. Keeping a safe distance in a fight is key with this character but they can add on the damage so quickly, especially if in a group.

Role: Tank

Paladins are a tank class with a wide range of offensive and defensive skills. They can pound even the biggest of enemies into the ground. Their damage tier knows no bounds as you can pile it on to groups of baddies or just one giant boss.  Some great Holy powers out of this group.

Role: Support

The Lightbinder is always willing to help those in need. They consider life to be of the greatest value. Definitely give this class to a trusted friend because they can really show off their support, especially when teamed up with a Paladin. Most people know to target the healer so they aren’t completely defenseless, they can inflict great damage while maintaining a safe distance.

Role: Damage

While this isn’t the smart-mouth whore-mongering secret agent of the same name, these expert marksmen are capable of hitting targets with common projectiles and a full array of special gadgets including slowing traps as well as an assortment of electrical and fire arrows.

Role: Damage

The Gunner is a one man army. A true John Rambo, you know if Rambo had a powerful, multi-purpose transforming cannon. As a long-ranged weapon’s expert, Gunner’s improve their weaponry, optimizing it for raining down destruction on both living and nonliving matter with bullets, super-heated plasma, and explosive rockets.

Role: Damage

Move over Volde..er..He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, there are all new powerful Witches and Warlocks in town and they have an arsenal of dark sorcery at their disposal: terrible curses, frightening creatures, mysterious potions and, of course, their trusty broom, which acts as both a powerful weapon and a means of transportation.

Role: Damage

Chainsaw Sword. I’m going to just move along now.

Role: Damage

If you play as The Kinetics, you have to name them Gambit. Like the Cajun mutant, they are able to harness a special kind of energy. While they don’t shoot purple playing cards, Their gauntlets allow them to easily use kinetic energy in a whole different way. Rip massive rocks out of the ground and send them hurtling towards their opponents, control their enemies’ movement on the battlefield by altering the gravitational fields around them, and protect their allies by surrounding them with an energy field.

Role: Damage

Necromancers control death itself. The Necromancer has dreadful spells, they can both inflict significant damage to enemies or just suck the life force out of enemies to restore their own health, but mostly, they use their powers to force horrifying undead creatures to fight for them. They don’t just raise from the graves to do the Thriller.

Role: Damage

Slayer class would have been super metal if the characters just looked like the band. “These insidious killers seemingly appear out of thin air and disappear just as quickly, leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. Capable of melding with the shadows, they’re able to slip by unsuspecting enemies and leave them with a sense of impending death.” Nevermind, that’s metal AF!

Role: Damage

There are some cool monks out there, That little bald kid from Xiaolin Showdown, Krillin from Dragonball Z, The Dalai Lama, and now the Monks of Skyforge. Their fighting style incorporates special stances, a staff, and a series of powerful attacks. Wielding their staff, monks can spin it to inflict damage to all enemies around them and some sweet acrobatic stunts that would make Dick Grayson jealous.

Role: Support

It is a completely fantastic idea to make the fantasy troupe of the Alchemist into a half-crazed Mad Scientist.  It resulted in an arsenal which includes both corrosive chemical compounds and invigorating elixirs. On their backs, they carry a portable alchemy laboratory equipped with Dr. Octopus-type arms that can spray acid and fire at the enemies, as well as inflict significant damage with its bladed claws.

Role: Tank

Last but not least, the seemingly boring, yet mighty Knights are always in the thick of battle, but have a little trick up their sleeve. They are aided by a badass falcon that can be summoned to attack enemies. The Knight can a beating and still give it right back. Armed with the classic shield and spear, they are able to not only block incoming attacks, but to also deliver crushing blows in return.


While the game sometimes leaves a lot to be desired, it is really fun for a few playthroughs with friends or by yourself. Leveling up and getting new characters keeps the game fun and interesting for some time. Remember the game is free-to-play so the giant positive there is even if it doesn’t call out to you to play for hours on end, at least you didn’t pay for it. Skyforge is now available on Steam and PlayStation 4. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Skyforge Review
The Good
  • Character Selection
  • Character Creation
  • Free-to-Play
The Bad
  • CGI cutscenes need touching up
  • NPC in-game voices can be annoying
7Overall Score
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