Any gamer that travels beyond their home dimension is usually faced with a particular problem, “How do I get all my sweet, amazing goods from Point A to Point B?” For the PC/console player, it’s their gaming laptops/consoles, keyboards, mice, and controllers. However, the tabletop crowd has other issues such as bags of various dice, the games’ boxes and their respective expansions, rulebooks, deck boxes, and mini figurines that took hours to paint on every painstaking detail. Well, the good people of Think Geek took another step in trying to solve all of our woes. Their recent incarnation of the Bag of Holding (v2) has pockets galore and a sturdy build structure. It is sure to please anyone who reaches into its Dr. Who-style depths (Yes, it’s bigger on the inside).

At first glance, the bag is little more than a rather nice messenger bag. With an over-the-shoulder strap, sturdy cloth handle, and front flap, it has all of the characteristics you’d expect. However, the expected features stop here. Think Geek has gone above and beyond on this bag with pockets for pens and pencils, and the normal knickknacks you’d expect to find in an easy to access front pouch. But, this simple little access point isn’t even the first point of entry! On the front flap itself, there is a small pocket for smaller items such as stray dice or the pocket-sized notepad you use to take notes on your current campaign. In my case, it’s the perfect spot to store my portable charger and wall port, along with the charging cable. Therefore, no matter where I am, I know where the utilities are and can plug in to charge and go.

The pockets don’t stop there, though. Everything that you could think to add to the bag, Think Geek has included. They’ve managed to strike a good balance between functionality and still not getting in the way of putting peripherals in the bag for transportation. Within the bag are slots for a laptop up to 17 inches, a specific pouch for a tablet or similarly-sized item, such as a notepad. With a total of three main compartments, there won’t be any struggle to find someplace to put things. As a test, I packed up my Xbox One for on-the-go travel. The console itself fit snugly inside the main compartment, and the outer compartments housed the power supply and all the other cables I needed. As for the controller, the front compartment suited it well. I packed just one controller but did test to see if two would fit, and they did. It didn’t leave much room for other things but, if you’re smart and needed a night of clothing to stay on a couch after some long gaming sessions, there should be just enough room for that.

Moving around conventions and running day-to-day errands are also major uses for a bag such as this. For several weeks, I moved all of my day job resources out of my conventional computer bag and transferred it all into this Bag of Holding. Besides receiving several compliments on the bag itself, it held and did its day job just fine. The Bag of Holding is simple to use, easy to access everything, and, of course, has plenty of pockets to hold mice, peripherals, powerstrips, papers, notebooks, and other random components. The magnetic latching system was very useful and made opening and closing the front flap simple provided an audible click once you got it to close. There are a few minor improvements which could be made with how the magnetic buttons align, but it’s pretty trivial.

When it comes to quality of the build, the Bag of Holding is quite high. Made primarily of a very strong, burlap-like material, the bag won’t have any issues of tearing and ripping without intentionally significant stress and wear. Even running a key over the bag several times, the cloth was unaffected. It’s not the smoothest material in the world but, for a messenger bag, it doesn’t really need to be. Carrying it around is comfortable and it comes with a soft leather shoulder strap that helps distribute the load softly across a larger area. Adjustable and removable, the strap is a welcome addition to the bag and matches the leather reinforcements on the bottom. These reinforcements are relatively small but wrap around the corners to provide extra cushion and support to the items carried inside.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the perfect Bag of Holding. In an effort to maintain a high build quality on the bag, the designers opted for a strong metal zipper on all pockets. While very sturdy, the corners are very hard and don’t allow for the zipping mechanism to function optimally. If the bag is on your shoulder, it’s difficult to zip it as the zipper needs to be flat, and under no stress, for it to zip correctly. On the other hand, this does make for a very strong enclosure and there should be no concern of it opening or coming undone. As stated before, the Bag of Holding could do with a bit stronger magnets, and the location of the magnetic buttons could be adjusted so that as the flap fell naturally, it would automatically snap shut.

When all is said and done, the new Bag of Holding (v2) from Think Geek is a very solid entry into the Gaming bag market. With ample pockets, a very strong build quality, and a simple yet dignified look, it’s sure to supplement any gamer’s vast array of tools. You can check it out here on Think Geek’s site.

Bag of Holding - Gaming Bag Review
The Good
  • Stylish Design
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Plenty of Pocket
The Bad
  • Poor Zipper system
  • Unoptimized Magnetic Latch
8.5Overall Score
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