Final Fantasy XV‘s update at the end of the month brings a number of smaller content additions into the game. Alongside that, though, is a new temporary new menu interface.

Through a new survey found in the game’s menu, Square Enix is asking Final Fantasy XV‘s players what they’d like to see in the future as DLC content expansions. Some of these suggestions include turning some supporting cast members like Aranea and Iris into playable characters, or adding story content that fleshes out the game’s lore.

The in-game survey will conclude at the end of June and each player will only be able to cast one vote. You can take a look at some of the options Square Enix has listed here, courtesy of All-Games Delta.

Beyond that, the patch adds new content driven by the game’s community.

Ignis has come up with a new recipe: “Stinky Tofu with a Mellow Flavor”- and it’s thanks to Square Enix’s fans in Taiwan. Square Enix conducted a survey asking their Taiwanese players what menu item they’d like to see in Final Fantasy XV, and stinky tofu was the winner.

In addition, the winner of the 2nd Snapshot Contest is now featured within the game. If you visit the diner at Hammerhead, a player-created photograph is now on display.

On May 30th, a free cosmetic DLC download is coming your way. If you pick it up, you’ll be able to get a new “Trendy Outfit” costume for Noctis. Beyond that, Square Enix has previously promised that Episode Prompto will be arriving in June– so keep your eyes out for future announcements.

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