Minecraft players, get your high-fives ready: TeamMojang is bringing Finn the Human and Jake the Dog into the endless, boxy world of Minecraft as part of the game’s upcoming DLC, the Adventure Time Mash-up Pack. Revealed in a trailer from the studio on Tuesday, viewers can spot what looks like both Finn and Jake player skins, along with a bevy of visual and terrain updates. The many inhabitants of the Adventure Time universe are all present as well; there’s even a rogue Ice King in there, if you can spot him.

The trailer is light on details, and while all looks good so far, we still have some nagging questions for Mojang. The studio is keeping its lips sealed on the release date and price of the mash-up, and they’re equally mum regarding exactly what players can expect from this pack. Whether the DLC is a simple re-skin or something more substantial, we’ll just have to wait and see.

According to the trailer, the Adventure Time Mash-up Pack should reach consumers “soon,” and will be available on Windows 10, mobile and console versions of the game.


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