On May 18, 1PM PST or 4PM EST, Pokemon Go Adventure Week is set to begin with an increase in Rock-type Pokemon appearances around the world.

A few Pokemon to look out for would be Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Omanyte, Sudowoodo, and Onix. Their evolved counterparts will also be spawning. Other than that, Pokestops will have additional items and Pokemon buddies will be able to gain more candy for less distance. All players will also get a new customization option for their avatars to be known as an “Adventurer’s Hat”.

This event follows the recently ended Grass-type event that released, well more Grass-type Pokemon for awhile. Pokemon Go Adventure Week ends May 25, 1PM PST or 4PM EST.

Pokemon Go might have suffered a loss in fans since its release last year, but its brief popularity raked in enough finances that developer Niantic might be able to live off on for quite some time.

Ready to catch ’em all?


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