With no verbal announcement, fans were treated to a new cinematic trailer for Destiny 2 at Sony’s E3 Press Conference. Focusing on the new Cabal leader attacking the Tower, we saw the horrors as he was seeking to steal the Traveler’s light.

But that’s where you come in, Guardian! Rise to save Mankind as they are “in our darkest hour”. Of course, the trailer teased dozens of new guns (and swords) to help fight to keep the light from the Cabal. As Destiny 1 did, Destiny 2 has a few Playstation exclusives in the ‘Lake of Shadows’ strike, and exclusive gear, and exclusive collectibles in the ship ‘City Apex ‘, exotic sniper rifle ‘Borealis’, and PVP map ‘Retribution’. Due out on September 6th, check it out here:

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