Live the life of an android trying to get by in Detroit Become Human, showed more in depth at Sony’s E3 Press Conference. Detroit Become Human showcases Marcus and several pieces of  merchandise on display in a shop window. Seek ways to analyze the world via cybernetics as an Android. Work with North, a fellow android and see how Things could have been different. Differences are evident by options present in the world, accomplished by choosing a multitude of actions. Each action can lead to a different outcome in Detroit Become Human

Lead the Android revolution as Marcus, when he “Chose to open my eyes” as he speaks to a newly activated army of androids in a ‘Cyber Life’ store. Choose violence or pacifism. Influence and cause havoc in the streets of Detroit, making humans consider if Androids have “become a threat to society”, or resolve the situation in a different way. Live and die by your choices, but live their story in Detroit Become Human.

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