Between Koei Tecmo’s new website and Famitsu’s article, quite a bit has been revealed about Fire Emblem Warriors.  From what we know, the game was created through a partnership between Koei Tecmo and Nintendo; and will mostly contain characters from the titles  Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Fire Emblem Fates.  

The story takes place during an attack on the country of Aythoris, as monsters poured through the “Gates to the Other World.” The only hope lies with the late king’s twin children, Sion and Lian, who now possess the “Shield of Fire” given to them by their mother.

Sion, the prince of Aythoris, is an act-first, think-later kind of guy; while his sister, the princess of Aythoris, is of noble stature in personality and thought.  It has been confirmed that they will be joined by the prince from The Halidom of Ylisse, Chrom (Fire Emblem Awakening).  He is a talented swordsmen with a blunt personality.  The second confirmed member is the soft-natured and caring prince who hails from the Kingdom of Altea, Marth (Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon).  While these have been the only confirmed playable characters, Koei Tecmo promises an abundance of options as there will be many characters available in the first installment.  According to Gamespot, there will be “more playable characters than the first installment of any other Warriors collaboration.

Gameplay will consist of battles against waves of enemies in a hack and slash style, much like Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors. Despite this, Warriors will maintain some of the traditional Fire Emblem elements like the weapon triangle that allows for strategic preparations and support conversations that provide unique dialogue between characters.  Anyone whose ever played a Fire Emblem title will be please to know that classes will maintain their unique advantages and abilities as well.

Fire Emblem Warriors will release for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS in Fall of 2017.

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