Ah, finally, our anticipations are resolved. All gamers are now comforted knowing their fall/spring lineup of games is exactly what they want. What, they’re not? There are still gripes and needs for different, new, or better games? Well, no matter what you’re looking for, something had to have peaked your interest in this year’s E3. The staff at Gamer Assault Weekly has been buzzing about all the great new titles on the way for us. Check out below what each of them are looking forward to.

Bobby C.
Director, Reviews & Editorials/First Dibs on New Games

My wish was granted! We got to see more about Detroit Become Human!!! That game has got me the most excited for sure. Beautiful graphics, challenging the meaning of a living thing and being human, the choices available and thus replayability, the reasons are immense. I tend to stick to PC for most of my gaming, but my PS4 will get dusted off for Detroit Become Human for sure. The scene in the trailer where Marcus is calling out to the other Androids, rallying them to his cause? That really resonated with me. On one hand, wouldn’t it be cool to see Androids get that realistic and lifelike, but then, it’d be scary as well. Detroit Become Human gets my stamp for Game of Show without a doubt.

As excited as I was for Detroit Become Human, my expectations were blasted away by Nintendo. The combination of Ubisoft revealing Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle along with how great the latest Mario staple looks, I just may finally get a Switch. I’ll have a few games to justify picking it up, as I’m eager to finally play Breath of the Wild, and now with Super Mario Odyssey and Rabbids + Mario Kingdom Battle, I’ll be seeking one out for sure.

Steven Pirani
Reviews & Editorial Writer/New Writer On The Block

Up until Nintendo’s conference, this year’s E3 had been, for me, pretty uneventful. Xbox One X was the unnecessary console evolution I expected, and apart from a few glimpses at very far-off games, nothing stood out as worthy of the manic hype I associate with the conference. Now, I expected nothing from Nintendo. Their past contributions to E3 had always been relatively meager compared to their competitors, and I had just accepted that E3 was never Nintendo’s thing. 

Long story short, I cried when they announced that Metroid Prime 4 was in development for the Switch. It was just a few stoic tears, but the fact remains: The return of Metroid is without a doubt the most emotional I have been in months. It was an incredible surprise and will likely remain one of my favorite E3 moments for years to come.

Andy L.
Reviews & Editorial Writer/Incessant Trailer Rewatcher

Out of all the reveals made at E3, the one that has me the most hyped is Beyond Good and Evil 2. Now, I’m not 100% certain we’ll ever see this game actually come out before the heat-death of the universe, but I loved diving back into the world of BG&E if only for a few minutes. I loved the original game and this was an unexpected surprise to pop up. In the same vein of surprises, Anthem was something I didn’t realize I wanted! Super Mech suits plus third person Destiny-ish gameplay? You’re on my radar now!

Other than that, my hat goes off to Super Mario Odyssey! Maybe I’ve played the wrong ones, but the full 3D Mario games have never quite resonated with me. Between the interesting platforming segments to the T-Rex with a little Mario mustache, Odyssey ended up as another thing to push me into getting a Switch soon. Nintendo’s lineup looks stellar, and I liked the confirmation that a regular Pokemon RPG was in development for the Switch as well. E3 overall felt like a lot of known quantities, but that hasn’t diminished my excitement for the next year in gaming.

Allen Saunders
Editorials & Reviews Manager/Streamer/Zombie Killing Enthusiast

I was actually pleasantly surprised by a fair amount of what came out of the major press conferences this year. Four games really stood out to me among all the others. State of Decay 2, Life is Strange 2: Before The Storm, Days Gone, and Fortnite all made the event worth watching for me. I’ll narrow it down for the sake and pacing of this article, of the four I mentioned, Days Gone and State of Decay 2 were the once who made my knees the weakest.

I am so happy that State of Decay is getting a sequel and this one looks bigger and better than the first. One of the biggest draw-ins for the sequel is co-op. Many of us over at GAW are already planning to synch up when it comes out and try our hand at liberating Trumbull County from the undead masses. Speaking of, the freakers in Days Gone look like they are going to be much more challenging than your run of the mill infected. They supposedly can sprint faster than your bike and there are even zombie bears! Oh, also the survivors are really clever and will hang up freakers to create traps/walls to trap the player. They can also hang up trip wires that will rip the player off their bike so they can rob them. It looks like both games will be really amazing and I can not wait for them.

Lexie Proctor
Review & Editorial Writer/Devastated Fangirl

I think I may be the only person on the GAW team who wasn’t impressed by this year’s E3. The two games that I have been waiting for, Death Stranding and The Last of Us 2, didn’t show. I can just imagine Hideo Kojima laughing maniacally, saying “Ha! Peasants! Keep them waiting.” Then he whirls his cape around and walks back into his diabolical lab. Somewhere inside you hear the faint giggling of Daryl Dixon, who hasn’t seen the light of day since development first started… I mean, I could be totally wrong. That’s just how I picture the current Death Stranding situation.

The Last of Us 2 is basically old news at this point. We FINALLY know it’s coming, and we all think we know what it will be like… But nothing? Really, Naughty Dog? Couldn’t you have thrown us a bone? I would have taken a few screenshots and been completely happy. I already know that the game is going to be stunning, I just want to make sure that it’s still a thing.

Nintendo had a great showing, but at this point, meh. We’re all going to buy a Switch already. They could have sent some third grader up on stage to give a PowerPoint (featuring a lot of word art, naturally) and had him say “New Mario, Pokémon, and Zelda!” We would still give them a standing ovation.


Anthony Giorgio
Reviews & Editorial Writer/Daryl Dixon’s Sidekick

I’ve been playing Xbox my entire life, and so it was very easy to side with Microsoft when answering the traditional question, “Who won E3?” While there were some awesome titles showcased for the new and improved Xbox One X such as PU Battlegrounds, State of Decay 2, and Sea of Thieves, Sony absolutely stole the show when they announced Monster Hunter World. Having played the first Monster Hunter on PS2 back in 2004, the nostalgia hit me as I realized the franchise would finally make its way back onto home console systems. The past few iterations of the series just didn’t appeal to my tastes on the 3DS, but a console release in early 2018 has me beyond hyped. What’s more, MHW will not be platform exclusive and so I can enjoy my enhanced Xbox One X graphics whenever I’d like. THANK YOU CAPCOM!

John Donadio
Chief Operating Officer/Streamer/Bearded Gamer

Personally, I really thought Microsoft and Nintendo killed it this year. They showed us all kinds of stuff that I am willing to invest in. Anthem, Mario Oddessy, Metriod, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Far Cry 5, and all the Pirate games coming really shout out to me. Unfortunately, this year was tough because most of the compaines showed stuff we already kind of knew about and it left many gamers wanting more.

However for me, there was only one game that I freaked out over. Only one game that made the fanboy in me go weak in the knees. Only one game that showed its face and like the Highlander killed all the others for supreme power…

Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Thank you, goodnight.


Well that’s what our writers at Gamer Assault Weekly thought sbout E3, what did you all think about it? Tell us some of your favorites in the comments below!

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