The days of Steam Greenlight have come to a close. The popular community-driven platform offered independent developers a place to showcase their game in hopes of having it become available on Steam. In a post, Valve said,  Greenlight was introduced as a way to help our team figure out which games players most wanted, by having those Steam users vote. With its use for the past 5 years, there have been massive successes but the time has come to give developers a more “direct and predictable submission process.”

With the announcement of Steam Direct submissions have been closed and voting has been disabled. Valve said, “The goal with Steam Direct is to provide an understandable and predictable path for developers from anywhere in the world to bring their games to Steam. With that in mind, we’re making the process as easy and streamlined as possible.”

Steam Direct will begin taking submissions June 13, Valve explains that “A new developer will simply need to fill out some digital paperwork, including entering bank and tax information and going through a quick identity verification process. After completing the paperwork, the developer will be asked to pay a $100 recoupable fee for each game they wish to release on Steam. This fee is returned in the payment period after the game has sold $1,000.”

There will be one last round of Steam Greenlight games arriving on Steam even though current submissions are now going to be taken through Steam Direct.

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