ARMS first free DLC fighter, Max Brass, will be coming to the game very soon. While players have already seen him in action through the game’s Grand Prix mode, a new trailer shows a highlight reel of his strengths.

He’s the Champ of the ARMS Tournament in Grand Prix mode, and for good reasons too. Max Brass’s main gimmick is “Bulk Up,” which lets him armor through lightweight punches just as Master Mummy and Mechanica can. In addition to that, he can also utilize the same special abilities as Spring Man. Dashing at the right time will let him swat away an incoming punch. When he drops below 20% health, his punches will be permanently charged.

We also get a look at Max Brass’s default selection of ARMS. Most of these use the Fire and Explosion elements, which both emphasize extra damage with each punch. In the trailer, we see him primarily use new variants of the Toaster ARM and the Hammer ARM.

Look forward to him when he launches later this month. Like Splatoon‘s post-launch content, all of ARMS‘ DLC will be released for free.