In 2014, a Rooster Teeth fan and Ontario native Jordan Scott released a demo for a game based off of the American-made anime RWBY. The game was the first to be picked up by the new studio Rooster Teeth Games and, with Scott as its designer and animator, it wasn’t long before they released RWBY: Grimm Eclipse in 2015.  Since its release and overwhelming response from fans, the game has currently been released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

With a springboard like that, Jordan decided to use funds raised by Grimm Eclipse to start his own single-player action game Arbiter.  In a battle between humans and demons you play as Ashe, the newest Arbiter in the line of succession, and his demonic guardians Dove the Ether and Raven the Umbra.  You use Dove and Raven interchangeably, as only a white colored demon can kill a black colored demon and vice versa.  This transformation mechanic runs smoothly alongside the traditional technique of dodges and parries, inspired by games like Dark Souls and Kingdom Hearts.

We got a chance to sit down and talk with Jordan about his inspirations and goals for the game at RTX and beyond:

With fast-paced action and beautiful animation, it was easy to see why Arbiter was one of the stand-out games of RTX 2017.  You can support Jordan’s newest venture on Kickstarter, and try the demo for yourself on

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