One of my favorite albums is War is the Answer by Five Finger Death Punch. The album has a lot of heavy hitting songs that just get you in the mood for a fight. Since I am a responsible adult with bills to pay and mouths to feed I don’t actively go out and seek a fight just because some music has me all pumped up. So instead of having to explain to a judge why I took a shot at a guy who was eyeballing me while I was listening to Bulletproof, I just go home and play some of these amazing war themed games below.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

While it isn’t your typical huge battle scene, corporate espionage, top tier voice acting shooter, like a lot of  war based games that are out on the market, Rainbow Six: Siege by Ubisoft is a very well done team based tactical shooter. It requires a level of thought and accuracy that a no other console shooter has ever demanded from me. Mechanics like fall damage, friendly fire, crafty welcome mats (essentially a bear trap) really challenge players each match. Case in point a friend of mine named Adam lost a brutal battle with a ladder and fell to his death moments before the round ended. Communication is also key for teams to succeed. My win/loss ratio started favoring the former once I grabbed at least one other friend to jump in to games with. We were able to get decent combinations of characters and employ a lot more effective strategies then I did when it was just myself and randoms. For instance he would creep around the map as Hibana which allowed him to get some decent angles on defending agents and pick them off. Her breach rounds are also really effective at breaking open reinforced areas. I would do my best to compliment her style by playing IQ, who’s primary function is to scan the area for hidden explosives and hidden traps via the scanner on her arm. Although if Caviera manages to sneak up and slit your throat and reveals where all your teammates are it really doesn’t matter how careful you were to that point. This game is still a tad pricey but you can get it on Amazon for right around thirty bucks.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (PC, Xbox One)

I have said it before and I will say it again, Gears of War is the most important series in my life. I have played through the entire original trilogy and Judgement with a lot of the most important people in my life. So when the original game was rereleased with brand new levels, some slightly improved voice work and animation schemes I knew I had to have it. This game brings us back to filling the boots of Delta Squad as Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago as they start their crusade to rid their world of the Locus pest. The Coalition fixed a lot of minor bugs with the game, such as the Wretches flipping out and constantly jumping from floor to roof when you get near them. As well as the glitch that happened when killing them with the Lancer where the animation would look weird. The campaign is still as bad ass as it was back when it originally launched on Xbox 360 and it even boasts a few new levels towards the end of the game that add a little more to the game’s story. You can grab the remastered game for as low as fifteen bucks on digital stores and ten dollars at brick and mortar stores.

Battlefield 1 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

There is something insanely satisfying about sneaking up on someone who has been taking pot shots at you from spawn and sinking a shovel in to their chest/ neck region. The only place that doesn’t make me sound like a total lunatic is on the digital battlefields of World War 1. The campaign mode takes an interesting spin, letting players see the first great war through the eyes of several different characters, as oppose to the usual take where players are stuck with the same character along a linear trench based war. The multiplayer also pulls off a mixture of familiarity with a few twists. Those twist mostly being fun and slightly psychotic ways to kill enemies. Did I mention the shovels?! Any way, Battlefield 1 is a solid WW1 shooter that will run you forty bucks, it’s a little steep but if you can afford the splurge I would recommend it.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

I’ll be honest I have not had the chance to get my hands on the remastered version of  Modern Warfare but I spent a hell of a lot of time with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and that has me plenty excited for this newly stand alone remaster. A lot of the changes to this game come on the multiplayer side. New weapon skins and game modes (like the ever popular prop hunt) have been added to the game, along side supply drops that allow players to unlock new attachments and aforementioned skins. At first I was worried this would make the game feel like a bastardized version of its former self but it really hasn’t made much of a difference for the game play I have seen. Although it is odd to see a bright blue gun in the war torn alleys of Iraq. The campaign mode is still it’s old remarkable and ground breaking self, and that alone almost makes the forty dollar price tag worth it. I am personally going to wait a while for the price to drop before I grab it. I thought it was kind of ridiculous (but damned good marketing) to have to pay eighty bucks just to get it when it was with Infinite Warfare, but I would much rather grab it for around twenty five bucks, considering how long it has been since the original game released.

Pick of The Month: Antihero (PC, Mobile)

Antihero doesn’t fit the ‘war’ mold for the theme this month, well at least not in the tradition guns blazing, grenade flinging, find the guy who just ended my kill streak and tea bagged me. It does fit in the sense that it requires tactics and cold hard logic to win. The campaign follows Little Finger as he tries to push out rival thieves and generally bad people from his territory. This plays out over a very addicting turn based board game that has players trying to take over churches, kill assassination targets, and bribe their way to the required number of Victory Points to win. The game also requires players to build up a skill tree to unlock needed items to make the player stronger and grant the player the skills they need to win. The game is out now on mobile platforms and PC and I highly recommend dropping the fifteen bucks on this indie hit. Still curious? Check out my full review and see why it earned a 9.5.

While I did this month’s theme about two years ago, it was recently bought up again by a reader so I thought I would revamp it with some newer games. If you have any suggestions for themes or even your own war games please drop them down in the comments below. In closing, listen to Five Finger Death Punch, don’t go picking a fight or being a shitty person in general, and play some damn video games. You’ve earned it.