A new information has been released from the Bethesda Softworks about the sequel to their creepy horror survival game, The Evil Within 2. They have released some information about their Pre-order bonus which they are calling The Last Chance Pack. Bethesda also released a new trailer for fans to sink their teeth into called Survive, which you can see below.

In The Last Chance Pack, Sebastian has to race against time as he fights to survive and find Lily, his daughter, before she’s lost forever inside the crumbling STEM world. As he searches, he is haunted by the ghosts of his past and his own insecurities. Players must guide Sebastian through his determination to save Lily. “Sebastian will travel to the depths of this new STEM world and face off against anything it throws at him.”

To receive The Last Chance Pack all fans need to do is pre-order The Evil Within 2. Players will receive different items that will help you survive a little longer in the nightmarish world. You’ll face nightmarishly disturbing enemies to save your daughter, Lily. The Last Chance Pack contains:

• The Burst Handgun – This exclusive weapon is only available through The Last Chance Pack and uses handgun bullets that can be found or crafted.
• Crafting Supplies – Upgrade your go-to weapon, craft additional ammo, or make traps to incapacitate enemies with these supplies available at the start of your descent into Union.
• Medical Supplies – You’ll need to stay alive to save Lily, and these medical supplies will give you the aid you need to venture deeper into the madness.

The Evil Within 2 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October, Friday the 13th. For more information on The Evil Within 2 just visit their website. Stay tuned to Gamer Assault Weekly for more information as it is made available.

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