Congratulations to all Pokémon fans; the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon steel book bundle is available for preorder today. It is exclusively on Amazon, and it costs 80 dollars.

The official arrival is slated for November 17th. The bundle includes hard copies of both the games as well as the steel book case. The legendary monsters are featured on both sides of the cover of the case.

The games were revealed a week before E3, during a special Pokémon Broadcast. They are set in the same world as the original Sun and Moon, but the storyline has been altered. It does include new features, and monsters that were not in the original will be in this one. Not a whole lot of details were given, so it will be a blast to play.

Pokémon on the Switch?

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, but two Pokemon titles will be coming to the Switch. Pokkén Tournament DX is coming to the Nintendo Switch on September 22. Also confirmed during E3, Game Freak is developing a Pokémon RPG, but it might not arrive for more than a year.

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