We got a more in depth look at the PlayStation 4-exclusive Spider-Man. We learned more about the open world game play, and developer Insomniac showed off at Disney’s D3 Expo. There, they released the behind the scenes video of the game below.

The game will feature a new universe and a new story. It will show how Spider-Man and Peter Parker’s worlds collide. In this universe, Spider-Man is older at 23 and more confident and comfortable with his powers. Spider-Man is inspired by the Ultimate Spider-Man comics.

The open world environment will allow players to interact more with their surroundings. Players will be able to use objects in the environment to battle their enemies. Game play has also improved since E3, according to Insomniac. The web swinging function has been improved, making it easier to “gain swing.” Combat has also been evolved greatly.

When will we see the game?

We got our first look at Spider-Man during E3 2017. And while there is no release date yet, it will probably be sometime in 2018. Check out our E3 article on Spider-Man here.

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