Super Smash Bros. has been a staple at competitive fighting expos for years now, a position due in some part to the work done by Wavedash Games, who developed the Project M mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Project M was a fan project started by Wavedash Games with the purpose of bringing Super Smash Bros. Brawl closer in gameplay to its predecessor, Super Smash Bros. Melee. After years of infamy and notoriety, Wavedash is attempting to step out of the shadow of Smash and their own mod work by delivering their first full game, Icons: Combat Arena.

Icons: Combat Arena will be a free-to-play PC fighting game with gameplay that is very reminiscent to Smash’s arcade-y style. Wavedash assures that Icons is its own game and not a fan tribute, but its quick to see the similarities between Project M and this solo project.

For starters, the gameplay does indeed seem to share a lot with Smash Bros., with such moves as the wavedash, edge hang, and others making an appearance. The games Icons will take the place of traditional Nintendo characters, and each will have their own moveset and abilities.

Since posting the gameplay trailer above to YouTube, the reception to Icons has been less than warm. The game’s trailer currently has more dislikes than likes, with many fans complaining that the game lifts too much from Smash Bros., while others complain about the lack of polish and poor animations.

To its credit, Wavedash hosted a Reddit AMA on r/smashbros yesterday, July 17, to “work to answer any or every question you may have about the development of Icons,”  and assured via Twitter that fan feedback will be taken into consideration as they continue development of Icons.

There is no release date for Icons just yet, but a public beta on Steam is planned for this fall. Those interested can sign up for the beta on Wavedash’s website.

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