Trying new things is an important part of growing as a person. It helps people mature and grow from the oxygen occupying sack of excrement they are, into a slightly more bulbous and cynical sack. Alright, that could just be me being a tad bleak, but the sentiment is still true. Below are a few games, on the newer side, that are worth your time and may even open you up to trying some new genres.

Stardew Valley (PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

Stardew Valley brings out some of the best aspects of Minecraft and Terraria and combines them into a pretty decent package. Crafting and farming are a huge point of the game, considering the game revolves around the fact that your dying grandfather gave you the deed to his old farm. There seems to be more to the game though. Much more. The people in the town can have relationships and friendships built with them. In my world, Hailey is a total snob that I may have tried to kill with a sword. Also, this little kid is a hatchet faced little douche, no particular reason to that. I just saw him and did not like him. The female carpenter seems to be a nice lady and I hope I can get my purple pants clad hero into gross lovely relationship.

There also seems to be a weird subplot to the game. I was being shown an old abandoned building by a local and my character started freaking out because he saw a little green goop ball moving around. Of course, when the local turns to look at it disappeared and now the town thinks I am bat shit crazy. It doesn’t help I frequently run around the town until very late at night swinging around a sword and scythe yelling obscenities. That point is rather mute though. Going back to the mysterious green guy, when I go back to the building he leads me into the same room but it isn’t exactly clear what he wants. It floats over to a corner and just fades away. I am hoping that gets played out later on. The other thing that bothers me is the fact that my dear grandfather who gave me the farm left me a letter saying he would return to the farm in three years time. Don’t really see how he can do that considering for all intensive purposes he appears to be dead. Be that as it may, this game will only run you fifteen dollars. So like one day worth of harvesting.

Friday The 13th: The Game (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

This is pretty much the only way you can legally kill punk-ass teenagers. Friday The 13th: The Game is a well put together one versus everyone style game. One player controls the lovable unstoppable monster Jason as he tries to brutally murder those pesky and horny camp counselors. The others, obviously are the camp counselors trying to escape being eviscerated. My first match I had the luck of the draw and spawned in as the hockey masked murderer. I quickly discovered Jason has access to throwing knives after I found one in a tree near by. Soon after that, I had the luck of coming upon two young lads trying to start up a car to escape. Try as they might they couldn’t escape as I drove my ax into them repeatedly and even scored an achievement in the process. Later on, I almost killed a special character that spawns after the first camper dies. I missed him by a mere pixel with the throwing knife. The game will only run you thirty bucks and I highly recommend getting it. A story mode is supposed to be added soon.

DOOM (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)

Going on a blood soaked rampage in a research facility is a sure fire way to lose your job. That’s kind of hard to avoid though when you wake up butt ass naked on a weird harbinger looking table surrounded by slow skulking demon husks. This soon proves to be the least of your worries as players discover yet again hell has merged into our reality and demons have taken over the UAC Mars facilities. From there the player teams up with a bossy robot and an AI that mostly just hang around while players are constantly knee deep in the blood and gore of various demons. During your several trips back and forth between literal hell, the player can upgrade their armor and weapons. There are a few ways to accomplish those feats. Completing weapon challenges will net you a pretty decent amount of the points needed to upgrade your arsenal, you can also find a few robots scattered around that will allow you to get upgrades. Armor is upgraded by finding special chips in dead soldiers armor, or by finding special orbs that Doom Slayer can absorb straight into his armor. I nabbed the game on sale for fifteen bucks and that got me all the DLC as well, but because that was several weeks ago it is now back up to twenty-five bucks for the base game. It is more than worth it.

Pick of The Month: Bad Dream Coma (PC)

Point and click games are not usually something I seek out, but this one managed to keep my attention. The opening of the game has the player going to bed for what seems to be a normal night of slumber. Things quickly turn to the strange side once the dream begins. Several characters are wounded and have huge chunks missing from their┬ábody, the world itself is in shambles. Something very clearly is wrong with this world and without giving away the full context as to why it happened, Death (yes the horseman) has abandoned this world. The inhabitants are in capable of fully dying, hence the gore hanging from NPCs. For those of you looking for a game with a bit of challenge to it Bad Dream Coma has you covered. There are three possible endings (good, neutral, bad) and even the most minute action has an effect on this world. Killing a raven, giving one person an item instead of someone else, small aspects like this have huge impacts on the player’s world. It is a pretty interesting game that I look forward to exploring more of. You can grab it now for only nine dollars on Steam.

Whether you want to go on a killing spree, escape from a deathless world, or simply build a universe this month’s Games For Budget Gamers has something for everyone. If you have any new games you want to share with the class or an idea for parameters for a theme to a Games For Budget Gamers let us know in the comments below.