Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XV will be coming to Windows PC in early 2018, dubbed Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition. The game will feature NVIDIA GameWorks technology (listed below), support 4k resolution, introduce a first-person camera mode for added immersion, and support for NVIDIA’s capture and share tools.

“With the help of NVIDIA, we are creating a stunning visual experience in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, one worthy of this beloved franchise,” said Hajime Tabata, Director of Final Fantasy XV, in a press release, “NVIDIA pushes the pace of innovation in our industry, and that benefits gamers and developers alike.”

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will feature and support the following GameWorks technology bells and whistles, which promise to enhance the way players experience the story of Final Fantasy XV:

  • NVIDIA Flow creates more fluid movements for fire and smoke.
  • NVIDIA HairWorks will give the models of Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition revamped hair textures that will give the characters and enemies more of a life-like appearance.
  • NVIDIA ShadowWorks will allow the character models to cast shadows on themselves, fixing the pesky issues regarding characters being blacked out by faulty shadows that were present in the PS4 edition.
  • NVIDIA Turf Effects will give the game’s environment, especially the vegetation, a life-like appearance.
  • NVIDIA VXAO adds depth and realism with light and shadow physics.
  •  NVIDIA Ansel is an in-game photography tool that allows players to take screenshots from any position, edit them with filters, capture HDR images, and 360-degree screenshots via a smartphone, PC or VR headset.
  • NVIDIA ShadowPlay™ Highlights automatically captures players’ special gaming moments with both videos and screenshots, and allows them to share their clips via social media.

As for PC requirements, here are the recommended specifications to play Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition with all of the 4k resolution bells and whistles.

  • Monitor: supports 4K and HDR
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1080Ti
  • CPU: Intel i7 3.4GHz or Ryzen 7 1700
  • RAM: 16GB
  • HDD: 170GB

More information, including a specific release date, will be released at a later date. Until then, you can check out Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition on the Steam Store.

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