Snapchat is frequently used by companies promoting their products, and the Pokémon Company is no exception. There is now a Pikachu Snapchat filter, and it is absolutely adorable. You can now turn your face into a Pikachu’d version, complete with nose, red cheeks, and ears. Opening your mouth will cause Pikachu to appear, firing electricity all over the screen.

The Pokémon Company has not said how long the filter will be available, but you can check it out now if you have Snapchat. It does not appear that the filter is promoting any particular release.

In other Pokemon news

Niantic has announced a new type of Raid coming to Pokémon Go that requires an invitation. It’s only through one of these Exclusive Raid Battles that you’ll be able to obtain the next Legendary, Mewtwo. Meanwhile, players have some time to once again capture the Legendaries that have been offered so far, and there are free Mega Stones available in Pokémon Sunand Moon.


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