The Nintendo Switch eShop is being updated today with a handful of new titles, including the latest Neogeo release for the hybrid system.

The King of Fighters 2000 is released today in the Nintendo Switch eShop. The $7 fighting game allows you to change the graphics to an arcade display. There is also a leaderboard for players to compete for the high score.

Also new on the eShop is Rocketfist, which is running at $10.  It’s a multiplayer game where players punch with a rocket fist, hoping to connect with another player. If you miss, you have to go pick up your fist while other players attack you. Phantom Trigger ($15) also arrives today, as well as the strategy game Ironcast ($13).

Nintendo Switch EShop

The last new game coming out for the Nintendo Switch eShop is Flip Wars, which will run you $10. It’s a multiplayer game, where players try to flip tiles and other players in order to win.

Are you going to be picking up any of the new games today? Let us know you like them in the comment below.

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