A cryptic, static-filled gif posted to the ARMS Twitter hints at the game’s next fighter. Let’s take a look at it together; I’ve translated it below.

Commish~! I’ve gotten footage of a fighter who’s recently become famous! And while I was on vacation!

They’ve got very… individualistic clothes and Arms, I guess. It seems they have a fighting style that allows them to somehow change their body, but I don’t fully understand it in detail. Ah, I unfortunately broke the camera while I was recording this… woops. You will take this as my formal written apology… right?

What could a body-shape changing fighter do? Would this make them similar to Helix?

In addition, we also see a brand new ARM on display. This new weapon appears to feature a flailing nun-chuk.

The Twitter account also posted Biff, the ARMS announcer, on vacation. The amusement park backdrop appears to be the game’s next new stage. It’s also visible in the teaser image for the new fighter.

Both the fighter and stage will arrive in the future as free DLC. According to recent datamining, more fighters will be on the way.

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