Today Epic Games released a brand new patch update for their free-to-play game Paragon. However, during the update, Epic caused a DDoS outage.

Paragon servers are online once again and below you can find all the information you need about the patch.



  • Complete matches in any game mode between August 8 and August 21
  • 10 total matches unlock the Grux Box Banner
  • 25 total matches unlock the Deluxe Grux Box Banner



  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Cryoseism
      • Damage from this ability did not show in the death screen damage recap
        • Cryoseism will now display damage numbers in the death screen damage recap


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Minor visual improvements to the Magma Scarab Grux skin


  • Mecha Terror Iggy & Scorch skin available August 8 in the in-game store


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Kallari’s cape would clip through her model when performing the Cutthroat emote while wearing any Rogue Kallari skin
      • Corrected this issue
  • Shadow Walk
    • “Cheat Death” passive effect removed
    • The cooldown timer for this ability now begins once she exits the shadowplane
      • Previously, the cooldown timer begun as soon as she activated the ability


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Kwang’s jumping/falling animation was broken, yet unintentionally hilarious while his sword was out in the world
      • We know this was a funny one, but we corrected the issue causing this animation to break
    • Gift of the Heavens
      • Lifesteal aura now only grants health on basic attacks
        • No longer grants health based on ability damage


  • Neural Disruptor
    • Belica’s Neural Disruptor no longer scales with power.


  • Hive
    • Now has the same damage over time duration on all targets and only slows the marked target


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Audio added to the “Narbash’s Moment” store emote


  • King of the Jungle – Reworked
    • Passive:
      • Rampage regenerates a % of his max health every second while in the jungle
    • Active:
      • Rampage’s basic attacks gain increased damage based on his current health for a short duration
  • Enraged – Reworked
    • Rampage grows larger, empowering all his abilities for a duration
      • Boulder Throw becomes instant cast
      • King of the Jungle regen is multiplied by 4x and activates outside of the jungle
      • Pounce distance is increased


  • Hellfire Rounds
    • Now deals % bonus basic damage instead of additional ability damage


  • Shocking Punch
    • Now triggers a punch (with a new animation) when activated instead of amplifying Riktor’s next basic attack.


  • Heresy
    • Serath’s weakness debuff previously only applied to base damage
      • Serath’s weakness debuff now affects all damage
    • Bonus damage is now % bonus basic damage instead of additional ability damage


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Phantom Rush
      • Sevarog now exits the shadow plane after using the Phantom Rush ability


  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Minor visual improvements made to the Summer Fun Twinblast skin


  • 84,000 Hairs
    • Clones deal 75% reduced damage to structures



  • Gold has replaced Card XP as the primary in-game currency
    • Players now earn Gold instead of Card XP
  • Completely rebalanced in-game economy
    • Hero kills
    • Minion bounties
    • Passive gold drip
    • Amber link
    • Killstreaks
    • Deathstreaks
    • And much more
      • Anything that previously granted Card XP (and now grants gold) has been rebalanced
  • Gold sharing (previously Card XP sharing) reduced from 60% to 40%
  • Kill bounties have been adjusted to match the new in-game currency, gold
    • New Formula: Base Hero Bounty + (Total Gold Spent by Hero * Networth Bonus)
      • Base Hero Bounty = 455 Gold
      • Networth Bonus = .01 Gold


  • Maximum hero level increased to 20
    • Heroes still receive one ability point per level until level 15


  • Attack speeds have been increased for all heroes
  • Maximum and Minimum attack speeds adjusted
    • Minimum Attack Speed- 0.33 attacks per second
    • Maximum Attack Speed- 4.0 attacks per second


  • Heroes no longer have innate critical strike chance or critical strike damage
  • Each instance of critical strike procs independently and multiple critical strikes can trigger on the same hit. In this case the bonus damage stacks.
    • Example: Greystone attacks a hero for 80 damage while having Shatter Golem and Critical Hits equipped. Shatter Golem grants a 15% chance to deal 75% bonus damage and Critical Hits grants a 20% chance to deal 100% bonus damage. If they both trigger on the same hit Greystone will deal 80 * (1 + .75 + 1) = 220


  • Respawn timer formula adjusted
    • Formula reworked to Respawn Time in Seconds = 7 + (HeroLvl * 2 * (1 + Match Time Minutes * 0.03))
      • Example: Level 12 Steel dies at 18:41 match time. Respawn Time in Seconds = 7 + (12 * 2 * (1 + 18 * 0.03)) = 43.96
  • Respawn time is capped at 80 seconds


  • Armor formula adjusted
  • Armor can reach a negative value
    • If your armor reaches a negative value, you will be dealt additional damage from that damage type
    • The damage dealt against a target with negative armor is calculated as: Damage Dealt = Damage * (1 + (1 – 0.99^|Armor|))
      • Example: Twinblast attacks for 105 damage against Gideon with -25 armor. Damage Dealt = 105 * (1 + (1 – 0.99^25)) = 128.3


  • Mana Regeneration formula reworked
    • Formula reworked to Mana Regeneration = Base Regen * (1 + Percent Increased Regen) + Flat Additional Regen
      • Example: Gadget has 2.14 Base mana regeneration and a card which grants +50% mana regeneration and +2 additional mana regeneration. Mana Regeneration = 2.14 * (1 + 0.5) + 2 = 5.21


  • Decreased black buff damage from 100% to 60% base damage.
  • Decreased red buff damage bonus from 25% to 10%.


  • Reduced call for help duration
    • Call for help defined:
      • When an allied player attacks an enemy player with enemy minions nearby, the enemy minions will aggro to the allied player


  • Removed Orb Prime Cards
    • Prime will always give the same buff to all players now.
      • Reduced Orb Prime damage bonus buff from 20% to 10%.
      • Reduced Orb Prime minion health buff from 25% to 12%.
  • Heroes can no longer lifesteal off of Prime Helix
    • We believe that a single hero (often times a Carry) defeating Prime Helix alone is unhealthy
      • Prime is designed as a group objective, and should require multiple team members to take it down


  • All minions in the super minion wave now deal 40% more damage and have 25% more health


  • Increased default aura radius from 1000 units to 1500 units


  • Renamed ‘Basic Armor’ to ‘Basic Defense’
  • Renamed ‘Ability Armor’ to ‘Ability Defense’



  • Gold can now be spent on purchasing attribute points
    • Attribute points grant stats and additional bonuses upon reaching a major gem slot
      • Agility – Grants 1.5 Attack Speed, and 1.1 Basic Defense.
        • Slot 1 – +2.25% Lifesteal
        • Slot 7 – 5 Power
        • Slot 13 – 12 Basic Defense
        • Slot 19 – 9 Attack Speed
        • Slot 25 – 9 Basic Damage
      • Vitality – Grants 22 Max Health, .53 Health Regen
        • Slot 1 – 2.2 Health Regen
        • Slot 7 – 5 Power
        • Slot 13 – 12 Ability Armor
        • Slot 19 – 9 Attack Speed
        • Slot 25 – 9 Basic Damage
      • Intellect – Grants 13 Max Mana, +4.8% Mana Regen
        • Slot 1 – 35 Max Mana
        • Slot 7 – +3.2% Ability Damage
        • Slot 13 – +40% Mana Regen
        • Slot 19 – 6 Power
        • Slot 25 – +15% Cooldown Reduction



  • We emphasized the visual and auditory response players will experience when they land a killing blow
    • Amber orbs have been visually changed to gold and a new sound effect has been added
    • Visual and sound effects are more obvious to the player
    • Players will only see and hear effects when they get the killing blow
      • Teammates will no longer see or hear these effects if they do not land the killing blow
  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Increased the range of the Raptor camps projectiles
    • Previously, the Raptor camp would not deal damage to their target if they were at the projectile’s maximum range
      • Raptors will no longer miss their target if they are at maximum range
  • Increased the duration of Tier 1 Tower’s Bonus Armor from 5 minutes to 7 minutes


  • The PS4 control scheme has been updated to match the newly reworked gameplay experience
    • We believe this new system is more intuitive for new and veteran players. Additional control schemes have also been added


  • Polish and Improvements
    • Improved and clarified the Text // Tooltip messages
    • Adjusted the positioning of home base pads
    • Improved Steel’s AI behavior
    • Increased the spawn time of enemy minions


  • Polish and Improvements
    • Offlane & Carry bots will no longer assist opposite lanes
      • This cuts down extended early game roaming from bots
  • Bots will now target the gold buff more often in the early game
  • The Offlaner bot will now attempt to steal gold camps
  • The Support bot will no longer attacks gold camps
  • Carry & Offlane bots will always prioritize pushing mid lane if their tier one tower is down and enemy mid lane tier one tower is still up
  • Higher level bots will now recall at a lower health % to keep them in the fight longer



  • Draft Screen Update
    • Heroes now display their Mastery Rank in the Draft lobby for all to see
    • Added an option to hide your Mastery crown in Customization
    • Removed “Available Decks” tab for every hero
  • In-Game UI
    • Redesigned Card Shop
    • Added a new Quick-Buy screen (tap G or touchpad) to purchase attributes while in the field
    • Redesigned Scoreboard
    • Replaced the old Card XP wheel with current Gold count
    • Moved to top-left of screen
  • Added a series of tutorial popups that explain the new UI changes
    • These appear in the first game you play (after the V42 update)


  • Menu Reorganization
    • Added Tabs:
      • Added Chest Selection tab
      • Added Loot Crate tab
      • Added Cards, Decks, and Gems tabs
      • Added Collection tab
        • Profile tab renamed to Collection
    • Removed Tabs:
      • Profile Overview tab removed
  • Hero Page Update
    • Redesigned the Mastery tab
    • Removed overview videos from the abilities tab
  • Store Updates
    • You can now preview items inside of Loot Crates!
    • Removed Masteries and Card Packs from the Store


  • V42 Loot Crate Changes
    • Added
      • Epic
        • Emerald Heavenly Focus Kwang
        • Royal Heavenly Focus Kwang
        • Tropic Autumn Keeper Fey
        • Citrine Autumn Keeper Fey
      • Rare
        • Topaz Battlequeen Zinx
        • Sanguine Battlequeen Zinx
      • Common
        • Coral Default Narbash
        • Fossil Default Narbash
        • Ocean Diesel Steel
        • Blush Diesel Steel
    • Removed
      • Bronze Titanium Shellshock Gadget
      • Pearl Titanium Shellshock Gadget
      • Ruby Novaborn Greystone
      • Cobalt Novaborn Greystone
      • Gilded Polished Novaborn Greystone
      • Cobalt Polished Novaborn Greystone

Paragon is now available for PC and PS4.

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