The Persona music concerts have always been a consistent venue for Atlus to reveal information about upcoming titles in the series. True to that, this year’s “Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017” has revealed multiple spin-off titles. Among the announcements, we’ve learned that another Persona Q title is in the works.

Persona Q2 will function as a sequel of sorts to the Persona 3 and Persona 4 crossover, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. It will once again fuse Atlus’s Etrian Odyssey gameplay with Persona characters in a crossover spin-off romp. In addition, like the prior game, it will be on the Nintendo 3DS.

The teaser image is styled after the Phantom Thieves’ logo from Persona 5, in addition to using the game’s tagline. You can expect that Persona 5‘s cast will be a part of this romp. Beyond that, there’s not much other information about Persona Q2. You can take a look at the official web page here.

No release date was given for the game. Given that the rhythm game spin-offs will arrive in 2018, you may want to expect this one to arrive around then too.