The Burning Shadows expansion pack is now available for Pokémon Sun and Moon. The expansion is the third in the Pokémon trading card game series and is now available in stores in the U.K. This expansion includes two new theme decks and over 140 cards, including brand-new PokemonGX and full-art Supporter cards.

And to celebrate Salazzle-GX appearing for the first time in the trading card game, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon video game players can get a Salazzle for the Nintendo 3DS system for free. Players can go to their local game store starting August 18th to get the monster

Salazzle only evolves from female Salandit, which are rare encounters in PokémonSun and Moon. Salazzle has its signature Corrosion Ability, which makes all Pokemon poisoned using the move. That includes Pokémon that are usually resistant to being poisoned.

Salazzle will be distributed with the following attributes:

  • LEVEL: 50
  • TYPE: Poison and Fire
  • ABILITY: Corrosion
  • MOVES: Fake Out, Toxic, Sludge Bomb and Flamethrower
  • HELD ITEM: Focus Sash

Salazzle will be handed out battle-ready starting on August 18th. Players will be able to jump right into online and local battle to test out the skills. To get the Salazzle, players must own a Nintendo 3DS family and either Pokémon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Just ask staff in any game store for instruction on how to receive the special code.

Another treat for Trainers in celebration of Sun & Moon—Burning Shadows is an exclusive promo card featuring Stufful, available at Toys“R” Us as a gift with purchase from 4 August.

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