Since Rocket League launced in 2015, the amount of gamers who play has grown exponentially. Since the community has grown to over 34 million players worldwide, developer Psyonix has made developments to its harassment ban policy, automating some of the system.

Rocket league

The game already muted certain words and had an in-game player report system, but the new automation is called the “Language Ban” system. Psyonix has generated a list of about twenty words (which will not be made public). The list was generated from player reports of the past, and will be added to and evolved over time. Each word on the list has its own time limit, starting at 24 hours and can result in a permanent ban. You can read more information on the ban on this blog post.

Update on abuse and Season 4 rewards

Similar to the end of season 3, some players at the end of season 4 will not get their rewards. Psyonix found players abusing the matchmaking system to have their rank higher in the system. Those players did not get competitive season rewards, and Psyonix is keeping that system in place for this season.

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