If you’re an EA/Origin Access member and been looking to get Titanfall 2, then today is your day. The fast paced first-person shooter is now on EA’s Vault for free download, but only if you’re subscribed. It’s available for Xbox One through EA Access and on PC through Origin Access. Both of these services are $5/£4/€4 per month.

Games that EA releases usually show up on Origin Access 6-9 months after they release, which is also the case for Titanfall 2. Battlefield 1 should be added to EA/Origin Access sometime soon, but there hasn’t been an official announcement yet. The subscription gives you instant access to all of their deals just like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live With Gold.

On a personal note, Titanfall 2 is the only online multiplayer first person shooter that I’ve been into playing, which is saying a lot for me. And with the recent addition of the cooperative Frontier Defense Mode, along with other content always being added, it’s really worth your time to get it.

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